Dikkiloona movie review: Santhanam needs to go back in time, undo this backward and sexist comedy

Like so many issues earlier than it, the origin of the phrase Dikkiloona is cinematic. The first-ever in style utilization of this phrase could possibly be traced back to director Shankar’s directorial debut Gentleman. In the 1993 movie, Babloo, performed by iconic comic Senthil, introduces us to a slightly naughty sport referred to as Dikkiloona. This sport entails two individuals working backward in the direction of one another till they each crash into one another, butt first. One’s bottom in colloquial Tamil is referred to as ‘dikki’. Ergo, the sport’s title Dikkiloona.

And it’s possible you’ll surprise why Karthik Yogi determined to title his newest movie after this nonsensical sport? People who’ve seen this movie might argue that the title justifies the ridiculous nature of the movie. However, in Karthik’s defence, the movie’s hero, Mani (performed by Santhanam), stumbles upon a time machine by opening the trunk (learn ‘dikki’) of an outdated ambassador automobile, conspicuously embossed with Dikkiloona. The dikki is a false door to a secret laboratory the place a bunch of scientists, who’re hell-bent on presenting themselves as a bunch of imbeciles, are struggling to crack the formulation to make an operational time machine. They have been at it for a few years however in useless.

Mani’s surprising go to to the lab modifications all the things. Following some meaningless banter, marked by Santhanam’s trademark insults, Mani meets his childhood good friend Albert (performed by Yogi Babu) on the lab. Albert causes an accident, triggering a surge of power stream. The incident jump-starts the rusty time machine, which is the primary breakthrough in a long time. But, the scientists want to key in the formulation into the system instantly to cease the time machine from exploding. While everyone seems to be scratching their heads, Albert who lost his consciousness due to electrical shock, wakes up and presents the formulation to save the time machine. The faculty dropout who grew up to turn into a janitor miraculously features the IQ of Albert Einstein due to the shock.

That’s how foolish this movie is.

Albert’s newfound genius permits males to journey by means of the very material of time. Mani performs his friendship card with Albert to search a favour, which is to transport him back to 2020, seven years earlier than the present occasions. Mani needs to cease his outdated self from getting married to his girlfriend Priya (Anagha), so he can escape from his current marital hell. The hero is working backwards (in time) just like the individuals of Dikkiloona.

It is a deeply foolish movie, simply meant to tickle our humorous bone. You chortle, if you happen to can, neglect it and transfer on along with your life. Dikkiloona doesn’t add any worth to your life, or aspires to transfer you or problem your worldview.

Karthik Yogi and Santhanam desperately need to make the viewers chortle. So a lot in order that they resort to body-shaming, name-calling, demeaning psychological sufferers and even partaking in blatant sexism.

Mani needs to change the previous as a result of Priya has turn into a nagging spouse and he can’t tolerate her any longer. But, he by no means for a second thinks why she is so resentful of him? Because he has been mendacity to her and failed to perceive her struggling. He’s a self-centred misogynist and as an alternative of reflecting on himself, he needs to go back in time and cease his marriage with Priya.

Now, Meghna (Shirin Kanchwala), Priya’s good friend, was additionally in an sad marriage that ended in divorce. She brazenly expresses her curiosity in Mani and asks him to dump Priya and marry her. Mani is just not okay with this as a result of someplace deep down in his shallow thoughts, he’s not okay with Meghna’s conjugal standing. She lived with one other man for seven years and that’s one thing he can’t stand.

So Mani needs to go back in time not simply to cease his wedding ceremony with Priya but additionally to acquire Meghna’s affection earlier than she will get married.

He succeeds in altering the previous. Mani is in for a impolite shock when he finds out that he’s sad with Meghna as properly. The level is simply because he managed to manipulate time that doesn’t routinely make him an fascinating character. He continues to be an detached, whining and ignorant sexist.

But, as an alternative of specializing in flaws in Mani, Karthik turns the eye on Meghna. If Priya was too nagging, he presents Meghna as a unfastened character. Why? Because she is loopy about social media and she has pals who’re boys. And guess what, her male pals are deserving of Mani’s contempt and of all those that are as conventionally good and good wanting as Mani. Why do you ask? Because Meghna’s shut good friend has a coiffure and physique sort that warrants condemnation and ridicule.

Mani berates Meghna, and asks if “she is a woman at all?”. You know, the basic go-to line of the Twentieth-century man to remind a lady of her place. Not simply Mani, no man in Karthik’s world is blissful together with his spouse and lack respect for them.

Dikkiloona makes one ponder whether Karthik and Santhanam live in a bubble uncovered solely to regressive ideas. The fast-growing consciousness of gender sensitivity and evolving gender dynamics in society don’t have any place in the deeply problematic Dikkiloona. The undertone of this narrative is awfully conservative and backward.

Take, for instance, Priya. In one actuality, in which Priya is a working girl, she is at all times nasty and nagging. In another actuality, the place she is blissful, she is a housewife, taking part in second fiddle to her husband.

Dikkiloona is streaming on Zee5.

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