Santanu Hazarika on bond with Shruti Haasan: We are already married creatively | Bollywood

Artist Santanu Hazarika feels blessed to share a particular bond with his girlfriend, actor Shruti Haasan, and says it has strengthened by their inventive similarities. But that doesn’t imply marriage is on the playing cards.

“Shruti has inspired me in many ways. In fact, we are a very inspirational couple. A lot of things in our life are actually inspired from each other, it’s like the incubation of ideas. It is amazing that I have a partner who is equally creative and provocative in her own domain. Every day, I come up with so many different ideas, thoughts and perspectives. Having this sort of a bond with your partner is very inspiring as an artist,” Hazarika tells us.

While they knew one another since 2018, they began courting in 2020, going on to reside collectively simply when the pandemic began altering the fact of the world. And the artist, who just lately hosted his first artwork exhibition, titled BLCK in Mumbai, admits it modified their relationship, and for higher.

“That time (pandemic and lockdown) has made us more patient and also at the same time, now, there is a different kind of understanding and resilience, which can only be built when you are sharing a common space,” he elaborates.

So, are they planning to take their relationship to the by no means stage quickly? “We are already married creatively… That shows how strong our bond is… We are creative people who like to do creative things together, that is very important for us. When it comes to (marriage), I don’t know about that. Let’s see how things go,” Hazarika says.

And it’s this familiarity and luxury stage between Haasan, 36, and hazarika, 38, that makes it simple for them to not be affected about their relationship being within the public eye.

“That’s because it’s a part of being in this industry. I treat it as a part of our job as simple as that. Our work involves us being out there among the people, and people looking at our work, getting appreciation and sometimes not getting appreciated. It’s a separate thing, we keep (our personal relationship), separate,” he concludes.

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