Shama Sikander on first Eid after marriage with husband James Milliron

Actor Shama Sikander says she by no means misses consuming sheer qorma and biryani on Eid, and plans to host a lunch for her household and buddies at present.

Shama Sikander is happy that she is going to have fun her first Eid after getting married to James Milliron in March this year. “Eid has always been an integral part of my life since childhood. I used to fast a lot before, and look forward to getting eidi. That is what children want! This time, because obviously it’s my first after wedding, so we are excited to host our loved ones. This time though, I am looking forward to giving eidi, it’s a total shift,” she laughs.

The 40-year-old says the celebrations will begin within the morning, with her whole household and buddies invited. “We will organise a lunch. Everybody wakes up early in the morning, go and do Eid prayers, and open the fast after it. My mom and my whole family cook delicious delicacies, and then come to my house. I love the kebabs. The one thing I never fail to do on every Eid is eating sheer qorma and biryani! I don’t prepare. I don’t cook, that isn’t something I do. I don’t enjoy it so much, I am more of an eater,” provides Sikander.

Did her husband additionally take a eager curiosity within the rituals or how the pageant is widely known? The actor says they each don’t comply with rituals, “We both were very religious at one point, now are totally into spirituality. It’s not like we don’t want to, but it just doesn’t come into our natural being. We respect everybody who does it, goes for iftar. We have iftar at our home as well. Both of us are hence spiritual, we don’t do any religious activities anymore. It just happened, it was a conscious decision.”

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