Signs that best friend in love with you: These things indicate that your best friend has fallen in love with you – signs which shows that your best friend is in love with you

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Although everyone has many friends, but the best friend is only one. It is such a way that a person shares all his happiness and sorrow without hesitation and yes it applies not only to friends of same sex but also to the best friend of opposite sex. But sometimes the best friend can be in love with you and in such a situation it becomes important for you to understand these emotions so that you either accept their feelings or stop them at the right time. So let’s know about the gestures that show that your best friend has fallen in love with you.

Only you at the top of the property

By one message, your friend leaves everything and even if it is ringing two or three at night, it cannot be just friendship. When love is included in this attachment, then only in this way can someone put you on a pryarty in your life.

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Always make you feel special

A friend will bring a cake for you on your birthday, but when the mood is bad, take you to your favorite place, bring a favorite flower or gift for you, attention to your small things like hairstyle, bag etc. Dena … These feelings are not friends but a gesture of love.

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Be positive about you

No matter how much your friend pulls your leg, but if someone says anything about you, then his flare shows his positive nature. Although it shows the care of any friend, but if he stops you even if you go somewhere or even with clothes, then it is definitely more than friendship.

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Do not let anyone else get close

If you want to go on a date with someone, then there is no point in getting advice from the best friend, because he can point out many important things while giving you opinion as a third person. But if you see someone else or even tell you about liking someone else, it spoils their mood and it happens every time, not just one, then it is definitely love.

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