Sikandar Kher dedicates poem to mom Kirron Kher: ‘You and Meryl Streep would have been best buds by now’

Actor Sikandar Kher devoted a poem to his mom, actor Kirron Kher when he appeared as a visitor on India’s Got Talent. She is likely one of the judges of the tv actuality present. Sikandar, who’s marking his first on-screen look along with his mom within the present, stated that Kirron Kher may have achieved higher issues in her career if it wasn’t for him. The actor joked that Kirron would have additionally been best associates with Hollywood actor Meryl Streep if he wasn’t born. Also Read | Sikandar shares lovable childhood pic of mom Kirron, followers love her ‘hanky’

A brand new promo of the upcoming episode shared by Sony Entertainment Television on Instagram on Saturday confirmed Sikandar praising his mom’s performing chops in a poem. He spoke a couple of “small and beautiful” photograph of his mom, that he retains with him, as he began the poem. “No words can encapsulate what a mother is. So I am going to go a different route. You came to Bombay to become a leading lady in films. and looking at you here (the photo) one can only say ‘God d**n woman! Hurry up already!”

Sikandar added, “And going by your acting chops, you and Meryl Streep would have been best buds by now you know because of sitting together ever so often at the Oscars.” He then joked, “Aare maa hai yaar meri allowed hai (I’m allowed to make the comparison since she is my mother).”

Sikandar added, “But then life happened, as it always does, the sneaky little fellow that it is. The little thing in your lap happened which is me. Bundle of joy you thought, but you had no idea what that sneaky little fellow which is life and that bundle of joy which is me had in store for you. A heartbeat and you gave up on your dreams and made someone else’s yours. From a bundle of joy to a bundle of jobs to a big bundle to ‘hell let’s run for cover’ to ‘a s**t what do I do’ through all the tears and fears that I caused you, you didn’t blink once, just a couple of slaps here and there.”

At the tip of his poem, Sikandar stated, “Someone asked me a few days ago, ‘Sikandar, Do you believe in God?’ So I thought for a moment and I said, ‘Yes I do, she lives in my mother’. So mom, you will always be my leading lady.” Kirron may very well be seen getting emotional after listening to her son’s poem, and replied, “How sweet,” as she hugged him.

An earlier promo of the episode had proven the mother-son duo sharing fun after Kirron requested Sikandar a daughter-in-law. After listening to the request, Sikandar waved on the contestant on the stage and stated, “Main chalta hun, baad me milenge (I’m leaving, we’ll meet later),” as everybody burst out laughing.

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