Cristinao Ronaldo keeping fit inside multi-million dollar mansion

Image Source: AP

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest players in the world and is currently stuck at his home in Madeira, Portugal in the midst of a coronovirus epidemic. Their home however is not meant to make anyone feel claustrophobic.

Ronaldo is sharing the video from inside his seven-story mansion and Juventus reportedly spent around £ 7 million to recall it from an old warehouse. He came to Madeira from Turin, Italy to be with his mother who was traumatized.

While he was at home that coronovirus epidemic exploded in Italy and he has been there ever since. His three Juventus teammates, defender Daniel Rugani, midfielder Blaise Matudi and forward Paulo Dybala have also tested positive for the virus.

Ronaldo recently launched a living room cup challenge and posted a video of him watching the driveway part of the mansion with his girlfriend.

The Portugal captain became the first footballer and third player to cross $ 1 billion in career earnings. This is despite the fact that Ronaldo has reportedly agreed to a wage cut of around 4 million euros with his club Juventus to fight the coronovirus epidemic.

According to Forbes, the cut barely penetrates the 34-year-old’s annual earnings and he made $ 109 million last year. The epidemic leads to further 30 percent pay cuts with frozen Serie A, but Ronaldo can still earn an estimated $ 46 million annual salary.

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