ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Organisers Not in Hurry to Make Decision Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2020 may be six months away, but amidst the coronovirus epidemic there remains uncertainty over its organization. Almost all major tournaments were either canceled or postponed this year, the fate of the T20 showpiece event hangs in the balance. ALSO READ – 9 Baj 9 minutes: Sonam Kapoor cracked firecrackers, says ‘dogs are coming out’

However, the tournament organizers, scheduled to be held in Australia in October, are not in a hurry to make a decision, but are prepared for different scenarios. ALSO READ- To fight COVID-19, up for sale on OLX ‘Statue of Unity’ for ore 30,000 crores, case registered

Nick Hockley, chief executive of the T20 World Cup Organizing Committee, is optimistic about events that have been moved to the late 2020s, namely the French Open. ALSO READ- Delhi to burst misunderstandings, crackers will celebrate like Diwali PM’s request after ‘9 Baj 9 minutes’ – View Tweets

“We want to give ourselves the best opportunity to move forward as planned, so there is no imminent or quick decision,” Hawkley explained AAP. “Hopefully, all this is resolved and we move forward. In the event that it is not completely resolved, we are looking at all the different scenarios. Which is only prudent.”

The expectation of any decision would not be unilateral, unlike the French Open where its organizers allegedly announced rescheduling without consulting other stakeholders.

He said, ‘They are having a collective discussion with all the members including the Organizing Committee, ICC. If anything changes we will keep everyone updated. But for now, we’re just under seven months … we’ve got a little time, “Hawkley said.

Another challenge facing the organizers is the potential clash with the Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL), which has been postponed with their respective seasons which are expected to continue at the end of the year.

“We really feel for the winter code, obviously they’re pushing it too hard,” Hawkley said. “He has extended the season in this event … We still think the World Cup is a really strong proposition that may not come here again for 10 or 20 years,” Hockey said.

“People love the World Cup, cricket is Australia’s national sport. We are playing across the country in all the venues that are the best in the world… and there is the T20 format that appeals to the widest possible demographic. We are already encouraged in terms of ticket sales. she added.

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