Irfan Pathan: Discrimination due to faith is racism as well

Irfan Pathan, former Team India fast bowler, while discussing racism on Tuesday said that “it is not just limited to skin color” and also that a person can face racial abuse based on his religion.

Pathan wrote on Twitter, “Racism is not limited to skin color. Permission to buy a house in society is just because Yu has a different belief, is also a part of racism.”

After Floyd’s death, international cricketers also spoke on the issue of racism in sports.

Former West Indies captain Darren Sammy alleged that he was racially abused by some of his Sunrisers Hyderabad teammates during the 2014 IPL.

Responding to this, Pathan, who was part of the SRH team in 2014, said that he was unaware of such incidents.

talking to He had said, “If something like this happens, it comes to mind or the team discussion will have taken place on this subject. I am not aware of any such incident and they (Sammy) have to take responsibility for their comments.”

“But I have seen some issues in domestic cricket where our brothers from South India have to face spells based on their presence while traveling north. I think the real issue is education and society needs to learn. ”

“We still don’t talk much about racism in India. Sometimes we even name our brothers and sisters from the Northeast. The problem is deep and it will only go away when we educate our sons and daughters And it will require proper schooling and upbringing.”

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