Rahul Dravid opens about playing conditions in post-COVID era

Players can be dealt on an individual basis before they can return to competitive cricket after more than three months of freezes in the game’s calendar due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Dravid said at Sony Ten Pit Stop which was aired on the network’s Facebook page that the players have been in all different positions during this locking period. “Some people may have access to the venue to run while some may be in the flats and therefore no one can run,” he said.

“So we have to put them through very individual programs until everyone can be brought back to a baseline level.” However, he said that players should not be too concerned with their skills being applied due to lockdown.

Rahul Dravid in COVID era in cricket

“I always try and remind them that it can no longer be normal for cricketers because there are as many matches being played, but in the period just before our era, bat for players for four to six months. Was not unusual to touch. ” We have heard of Sunil Gavaskar that he is playing the role of Apsaras in badminton, ”said Dravid.

“So I’m not too worried about their skills, they need to make time to come back. You can’t expect anyone to go straight to a Test match and get a spot. But if you give them time, Hum. He said talking about really good athletes who are at the top of their game and who know their skills well, “he said.

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