Spotify will now let you save unlimited songs, albums in your library, lifts 10,000-song cap limit

Music lovers have a reason to rejoice Spotify Finally removed its 10,000-song cap on library size. With the limitation removed, you can now add as many songs to your personal libraries as you want.

according to this A report by The ledge Recent decision by Spotify Digital music has been haunting music lovers on the service platform for many years.

although Spotify With more than 50 million songs available to stream at any given time, there was a limit of 10,000 songs for users to save in their “Your Music” tab.

Responding to a tweet, Spotify developer Felipe O Carvalho said, “After today, you can add as many songs as you like to your likes on @Spotify.”

However, Spotify has said This new system enables only one to save songs Spotify Library. Individual playlists are still limited to 10,000 songs.

Users can download 10,000 songs on five different devices for offline listening.

The Swedish company stated that the new range may take some time to roll out to all users. Some people may notice the old ‘icic collection’ error on their Spotify app and will have to wait for the cap to be removed.

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