Stebin Ben claims he is ‘not seeing Nupur Sanon’:Till the time I don’t get married, I’m single

Singer Stebin Ben speaks about his personal life. While he denies seeing rumoured girlfriend Nupur Sanon, he provides that he solely desires to concentrate on his career.

Singer Stebin Ben claims that he has all the time been a “non-controversial” character and that’s a acutely aware choice that he took when he entered showbiz. However, in the previous few months, Ben made headlines attributable to his proximity to Nupur Sanon.

Ask Ben if he’s seeing anybody and the singer minces his phrases. “There’s a lot of time for me to get into my personal space. It’s just the beginning of my career. I’m keeping my personal life very simple and not complicated. (It’s more like) Let’s be good friends, understand each other, and let’s see where life takes you. Honestly, I’m still focused on my career. I want to settle myself and then when I’m satisfied with my career then I‘ll think about my personal life,” Ben elaborates with out addressing the question straight.

So is he single? The singer takes one other strategy to dodge the question, “Till the time I don’t get married, I’m single. I’m in a happy zone. I’m understanding the space of what it is to be single and what it is to be committed,” he replies.

However, he clears the air on relationship Sanon, with whom he typically posts footage on social media. “I’m not seeing Nupur Sanon,” he clarifies. “We are family to each other. We talk every day and feel both of our careers have started so we are focusing on our careers. That is why we are friends and buddies on the internet.”

Is there greater than friendship between them? He says, “If someone is your family, of course, there’s more than friendship. I’m yet to experience what is happening with her.”

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