Fake news regarding WhatsApp ticks, govt action on messages being circulated

Misinformation and fake news during the coronovirus epidemic, a fake message is being circulated on social media about “three ticks” on WhatsApp.

According to the alleged message, while two blue ticks means that the recipient has read the message, three blue ticks means that the government has taken note of the message.

If there are two blue ticks and one red teak, it means that the government can take action against you, the fake message claimed. If the number of ticks increases to two, it means screening of the date by the government and three blue ticks means that action has been initiated, the message claimed.

The fake message was fact-checked by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) in a tweet stating that “the government is doing no such thing”.

PIB said, “The message circulating on social media ‘WhatsApp information regarding tick mark’ is #FAKE.”

As cases of coronovirus increase in India and the world, social media has become the main source of fake news. Facebook’s messaging platform WhatsApp is one of the leading sources of fake news in India, where messages are broadcast unabated.

Earlier on Tuesday, WhatsApp limited sharing of frequently forwarded messages to one chat at a time.

The current limit for forwarding a message to users up to five times will continue as the new restriction is only for frequently forwarded messages.

… We have seen a significant increase in the amount of forwarding users have told us that we can feel heavy and contribute to the spread of misinformation. We believe it is important to slow down the spread of these messages to keep WhatsApp for personal interaction, ”said WhatsApp.

The world’s most popular messaging service is working directly with non-governmental organizations and governments, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 20 national health ministries, to connect people with the right information.

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