From providing reliable information to launching dedicated website, all the ways Google is helping India fight COVID-19

Google says it is working on removing videos that have been reported for violations of YouTube policy.

Google says that it is accelerating its efforts to provide reliable and authentic information on COVID-19 in addition to offering features across its various apps and services to help people, even though the Indian government has disseminated To prevent this, the nationwide lockout should be increased by 3 May. Of deadly virus. The global search engine giant has listed all the methods that help India fight the novel coronavirus in a detailed blog post.

To get started, Google has launched a new feature on Google Maps, Google Assistant and the search application to indicate food and night shelters across the country. The facility currently covers more than 30 cities and over 1,500 food and night shelters have been identified on these apps across India. The query for these shelters is supported in both English and Hindi. Google is also working to include other Indian languages ​​in these queries and to add other shelters to its products.

Google has also stepped up its efforts to counter misinformation and is providing only the latest information, updates and advice from authentic sources such as the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other international health organizations in its various products. If someone searches for coronaviruses, they will find a page with consolidated information on COVID-19 and also top results from the Union Ministry of Health, and other authorities.

Google-run video platform Youtube also has a dedicated coronavirus news shelf that links to the latest updates on the disease from official media. Google says it is working on removing videos that have been reported to violate YouTube policy and is also removing videos that discourage people from seeking medical help or COVID-19 Promoting unsafe methods of fighting with.

Finally, Google has launched a dedicated COVID-19 India website, and English, Hindi and Marathi versions of the website are available, and are likely to be out soon.

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