From router to storage device: 5 things to make work-from-home functional

Once a part of contingency plans, work-from-home is now the new working standard for businesses to operate amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic. While a make-do workstation at home can get you moving, there are things like dual-band wireless router, cloud storage, thumb drives, wireless keyboard and mouse, etc. that help elevate user experience and improve productivity and work efficiency.

Business Standard lists five things to make work-from-home functional

Routers and internet dongles

You cannot establish a work-from-home set-up without internet connectivity. There are multiple ways to connect to the internet, but the most efficient in current scenario is wireless. If you have just the notebook or desktop, a simple 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi router would work just fine. However, if there are multiple devices like printer, scanner, external display, etc., then you need a dual-band wireless router to connect and manage all your connected devices.

Besides, a portable hotspot device with an active internet plan should always be ready as a back-up, in case you lose internet access through your primary channels.

Printer and scanner

These devices might be auxiliary, but are essential under the current circumstances, when one should limit physical contact with anything that might have been through multiple hands. For example, a letter that needs your signature does not have to wait to be delivered to you. Instead, you can request the document to be sent on mail, take a printout, sign it, scan it and send it back.

While the whole process allows you to get the task done even as you maintain social distancing norms, it also saves time and proves efficient overall.

For ease of use, it is better to use a WiFi-ready all-in-one device with printing and scanning functionality built-in. The all-in-one device saves space and the Wi-Fi connectivity makes it convenient to manage and operate it.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

A neat and tidy workspace at home can elevate working condition by influencing your psychological health. Therefore, it is important to find wireless alternatives to all things with cable connections, including mouse and keyboard. Besides being flexible in their usage, the wireless keyboard and mouse reduces the clutter on your work desk, thus, make it look organised.


Data protection and storage is crucial, especially in work-from-home scenario where you neither have access to encrypted data storage server nor the experienced information technology staff to help you recover lost data in time — if you unknowingly get yourself in such a situation. Therefore, it is important to keep files on cloud storage and take backup on a storage device like thumb drive or hard disc drive (HDD).

Earphones with built-in microphone

Earphones with built-in microphone have come back in trend as video conferences take over the conventional boardroom meetings. A good set of earphones help you focus on caller’s pitch by isolating the ambient distractions. The microphone, on the other hand, helps other to hear you with clarity, thus, minimising the chances of confusion.

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