Health, fitness apps see more downloads amid lockdown

CureFit provides a number of services such as under-food delivery. Efit, a health care clinic called care. Fit and Mental Wellness Service Mind.

Health and fitness apps have brought new options to keep people fit while they stay indoors to prevent the spread of coronovirus. Apps like CureFit and Fittr have started live workout sessions for users on their apps as well as social media platforms, which get good traction.

CureFit claims that over two lakh people are participating in its live classes every day on the app. Naresh Krishnaswamy, head of growth and business at Cureit said, “The traction we are seeing for our live classes is better than our center, where 80,000-90,000 people will work daily.”

CureFit provides a number of services such as under-food delivery. Efit, a health care clinic called care. Fit and Mental Wellness Service Mind. However, the start-up is known for its fitness classes, which can be booked through its app. The company had to close 270 of its fitness centers in the wake of a nationwide lockdown.

Another fitness start-up Fitr (formerly known as Squat) also reports that one to two lakh people are joining it every day during its live-streaming sessions on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram . The company has also formed 60 WhatsApp groups, where its fitness coaches train people, and is also planning to introduce a live streaming feature on its app soon.

Jitendra Choksey, the founder of Fitr, said, “We have started many challenges and put the whole process in grief so that people are motivated to work in these challenging times.”

Most apps were badly affected by the lockdown and saw a decline in their usage after the announcement of the shutdown. CureFit suffered losses due to the closure of its centers, but Fittr saw a steep decline in people subscribing to it.

He said, ‘We usually earned Rs 3.5-4 crore a month but we ended March at just Rs 2.7 crore. In April, we are expecting a slowdown of 60%, ”informed the outpost.

Companies are launching new features to increase traction. CureFit, in addition to live workouts, has also introduced live therapy consultations on its app, teleconciliation with doctors and delivery of essential items such as staples through eating. Another app, HealthifyMe, has introduced a free immune assessment test, hand wash tracker and other immune building tools on its app.

“Our new features like immunity-focused tabs and home workouts are getting busy. We have seen an increase in usage of our app by 10-20% in the last two weeks due to Kovid-19, ”Tushar Vasistha, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe.x

Most of the features are being offered free of cost and companies can later monetize through them. However, experts doubt whether the traction gained through these apps will last as long and whether these apps will be able to generate long term revenue.

“It will be easy to get people on your platform, but it will not be easy to monetize them. Even though people are downloading these apps, these apps have to be strategized to build relationships with consumers so that they can cross-sell and monetize them later, ”said Amarjit Singh, partner at KPMG.

According to Ankur Pahwa, partner of e-commerce and consumer internet, EY India, those services will be demonetized at these points when things that return to business will, as usual, play an important role in their adoption among first-time users . Platforms.

“While most users are gaining on these platforms because they have extremely limited options to maintain health and fitness activities, they can choose to remain on the platforms if they price through attractive packages at the right price points -Look, ”he said. “These apps will need to find a way to give users a holistic experience of integrated health, wellness and social through integration, which will make using the app more attractive than traditional workouts.”

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