Here’s how to purchase a Samsung smartphone during lockdown from your local retailer

The customer only needs a product link created by the retailer to purchase a new Samsung smartphone. Samsung has partnered with Benno, a merchant payment platform, to bring online more than 20,000 retailers across India. The company stated that the partnership is beneficial for both retailers and customers during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the company, with the help of this partnership, customers can browse smartphones online and make payments through Beno.

How can a retailer register on Beno?

To sell Samsung smartphones on Benov, a retailer has to reach out to its Samsung distributor, expressing their interest to be part of the platform. The company will then share the retailer’s details with Benno. After which the platform will send a registration link to interested retailers.

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After the registration process is complete, retailers can list their Samsung smartphone list on the Beno app and create a link for the same. The link can be shared with customers through WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, local advertisements and more.

How can you buy a Samsung phone from your local retailer?

After a customer finds a link to a smartphone that they want, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. They can then click on the link that will redirect them to the Beno platform.

There they can check if the retailer is in their proximity. If it is, the customer can make the payment online. After receiving payment, the retailer can then distribute the device to the respective customer using its own resources.

Note, you can find a beno link by browsing your local Facebook page. You can also do a simple Google search to find a Beno link for a Samsung retailer in your colony.

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“Like most businesses in India, mobile phone companies and retailers too have faced tough times in the last few days,” Samsung India said in a press note. “The new move is also in that direction and it is expected to benefit not only the company but also the retailers.”

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