How to Create a Profitable Shopify Website

Last year was more profitable for exporters than ever before. According to official figures, Ukrainian online sellers have increased their annual sales revenue in international markets by 35%.

Tools for selling goods abroad: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Alibaba, Shopify are the most popular marketplaces among exporters. The latter is not so much a sales platform as a website builder. The platform does not generate its own traffic, but it helps entrepreneurs to quickly create an online store and sell products on other marketplaces or on Facebook by controlling all sales channels how secure is shopify.

For services depending on the range, for example, the ability for customers to receive a bonus in the form of a gift card, Shopify charges a fee of $ 29 to $ 299 per month. The standard functionality satisfies the basic needs for e-commerce. It can be expanded with apps on the Shopify App Store, which are purchased for a month. Shopify does this so that an entrepreneur can create a website with the set of tools they need.

Create a Shopify account

In the beginning, we had to get a server to download the e-commerce system, and then we hired a professional to configure it according to the requirements.

With the creative thinking of these platforms, Shopify and other platforms have made this whole tedious process easy.

Just go to and click on the Get Started panel. Fill in the required fields and start building your website. As a beginner, you can try their 14-day free trial.

You also have the option to buy brick and mortar or call the online store. For example, let’s create an online store.

Inside a large application, there are many small applications that will help you a lot. For example, it can be:

Shopify store creation and design customization

This is adding a product, adding a design and setting, connecting payment systems, and all other things necessary for the store to work normally.

This is the shopify banner size. You will need to go to Shopify name of your future store.

I strongly recommend creating a separate mailing address so that you do not have a connection with any personal account, so that you do not have any unnecessary questions later and you do not lose any necessary information. Because orders, questions from buyers, and some other notifications will come. It is important that this is all in your separate account, and you understand that this account is with your store.

Go to Gmail mail, click “Create an account”, click “For yourself”, and try to enter a username that will be associated with your site, with your brand, for example, frexianhelp or frexiansupport. Something that will be related to your site. In the future, I will show you how you can associate your email address that will be associated with your domain, for example or support @ (your domain name) .com. I will also show you how to register a domain.

Now you need to create a store for this mailbox.  What follows is a simple survey. You can skip it or answer, but so that you do not have to contact the manager in the future, who will offer to connect a paid subscription. You can choose something like “I’m not going to sell products; I’m just playing around with this.”

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