How To Start 3D Modeling?

Architectural modeling is gaining popularity now, can you mentally compare all the materials and furniture and imagine the future interior?  It is impossible without mistakes.  Therefore, now we will consider several programs that will allow you to create unique 3D models.

(1) Simple solution (many people are familiar with this program) – Adobe Photoshop.  Firstly, there is a huge selection of objects and textures – the search engine will give you catalogs of companies, from which you will copy pictures and create a collage.  And, if you are familiar with the capabilities of Photoshop in detail, you can add light and shadows, arrange objects in the correct scale and perspective – in this case, the picture will look three-dimensional and approach a full-fledged 3D image.

+ Speed, availability of samples of real materials, ease of execution

– the image can be close to full 3D (but will not become an equivalent replacement), while there is a possibility of error (for example, you will like a large bed that you can easily insert into a collage, but in reality it will take up a huge part of the room);  skills of working with the program are required: a relative minus, since the basic capabilities of Photoshop are mastered many times faster than in the case of other programs.

Please note that these disadvantages are relative: if the collage is performed by a designer, then the size of the furniture is taken into account, and the image quality is distinguished by a detailed study (while very little time is spent on creating a collage, so this way of presenting the interior turns out to be very beneficial for the client).

(2) Collages can also be created in “simple” online resources, such as  Choose furniture, light, accessories, etc.  and put them on the “board”.  There are the simplest editing tools (rotation, scaling, copying).

+ Very quickly, a large catalog (moreover, all furniture, light, etc. are available for ordering, but from foreign sites), even a child can handle the interface;  the whole process takes place online: no need to download and install anything

– few tools, there will be no realism (but if you have at least a little spatial imagination, you can do without it).

(3) is a simplified online 3D editor.  The service has its own catalog (not very extensive, but in order to arrange furniture, decide on a color scheme and a general style solution, it is quite suitable).  First, the interior is created on a plane, and after (or in the process) you can go to the volumetric image by making just one click.  In 3D, you can move objects and position the camera to take the best shot of the future interior.

+ Intuitive interface, there is a catalog with goods from well-known manufacturers and materials, as a result, a three-dimensional image is obtained

– no detail, the catalog is not very large, there is no possibility to change the parameters of the elements.

(4) Google SketchUp is already a professional program that takes time to master.  But the result is a full-fledged 3D model, created according to the exact parameters and with real furniture.

+ The interior turns out to be realistic, it is possible to set exact dimensions, there is an extensive free database of ready-made objects, which is constantly supplemented by program users around the world)

– it takes time to master the program (however, SketchUp is a relatively simple application, so it’s best to stop at it first)

Sketch Up allows you to create realistic, three-dimensional images that allow you to represent the future interior in volume.  The image in this program does not look like a photograph (unlike 3d max), it is much easier and faster to create such a visualization than in 3d max, so its cost for the client is significantly lower.

(5) And finally – 3d max – a program for professional interior visualization.  The possibilities are endless – after a lot of practice it is possible to create images that are difficult to distinguish from photography.

+ High-quality image with detailed details

– long and painstaking work, requires serious training, high requirements for computer performance

If you use these programs, then even a beginner can create his own cool and beautiful 3D model.  However, in order to get a stunning result, it is better, of course, to turn to the professionals

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