Indian Ethical Hacker Shubham Gupta Shares his Career Journey and Life Story

Meet Shubham Gupta, ‘@ hackerspider1’. The unusual surname signifies his profession as a moral hacker. Shubham is a bug bounty hunter, a small industry where technology and coders are paid to find flaws and flaws in programs and websites. Shubham Gupta, a resident of Delhi, did not have a technical identity when he fell in love with ethical hacking, and is still enjoying his chosen climate.

The bug hunter community is small, but richly rewarded. According to the report, in 2018 the amount could be around $ 25 million worldwide, of which over 3 million dollars were won by Indian hackers. India is home to a huge IT industry, and is also the place where 23% of HackerOne coders live, among whom Shubham Gupta’s figure ranks high in the top percentile.

Shubham’s diligence led to better protection of brands such as Twitter, Slack and Ubiquiti. Ready to learn every day, less than the core and hungry to achieve greater heights, these are the qualities that have stood by him since his early days.

Shubham tried his hand at hacking when he was only sixteen. The film Hackers (1995) also made a good impression and after watching the news about the hackers on TV, they spent full time in this profession. His conscience and respect for ethical hackers meant that he was going to join the team of good men and live a legal life.

His first prize came with Selvana when he earned $ 400 as his first bounty. The rest was history, and today, he has bought a flat in New Delhi, several domestic gadgets, and lives a good life. He is currently working as an assistant manager for Deloitte.

Says Shubham, “Ethical hacking completely changed my life. I got a job in cyber security without a technical degree. This is the only way that talented people show their skills.”
Shubham’s family was not prosperous, and he remembers a time when there was a shortage of food. His father left him early at the age of seven, and his mother could not make much money. Thus Struggle was part of his growing up years.

When there is no hacking, Shubham likes to study in the gym, travel and watch movies. However, his mind is constantly occupied with hacking-related paraphernalia. Their choice of programs depends on bouts and reaction times. He likes it when hackers get rewards before bug verification and resolution. Some of his favorite areas for security check include IDOR, XSS, CSRF, logical flashes, etc.

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