Kovid-19: JioSaavn to organize Facebook session to help artists revenue

Music streaming app JioSaavn said that there are initiatives to give artists an alternative revenue stream to sustain live music amidst the coronovirus epidemic, leading to the shutdown of live performance.

During April, and possibly longer, a series of independent artists will take to the virtual stage on JioSaavn’s Facebook Live for a 20- to 30-minute set, it said in a statement on Thursday. The audio recording of each session within the JioSaavn app will also be hosted as an album for streaming. All revenue generated from these streams will go directly to the artist.

In addition, despite the live stream being free, fans will be given the “what to pay” option via the ticket site Payment Insider.

“Our hope is to provide something for people looking forward to being at home, while supporting independent artists through an extremely challenging time for the music industry. Live music brings joy to millions of people around the world, and while we do not claim to change real-life, physical experience, we feel we can capture moments of that joy online. Rishi Malhotra – Cofounder and CEO JioSaavn said, We will be engaging with artists from all over the world to be a part of ‘JioSaavn Live Anywhere’.

Will JioSaavn Live Anywhere ‘will feature independent artists such as Tejas Menon, Ankur Tiwari and Dhruv Vishwanath and will be recorded with the Dolby On app. The Facebook integration will allow artists to stream their music in high-definition directly to JioSaavn’s Facebook Live, it said.

It added that live and streaming live session albums (published after each performance) on JioSaavn are other ways fans can support their favorite artists, it said.

Confirmed dates for the cast and S JioSaavn Live Anywhere ‘:

April 3 – Tejas Menon; April 4 – Ankur Tiwari; April 5 – Palash Sen; 8 April – Nikita Gandhi; 10 April – Dhruv Vishwanath; April 11 – Taba Chake

More artists and dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

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