Microsoft records 46% drop in hiring, LinkedIn has only 3 jobs openings

Governor says Yumi Hogan is behind Maryland getting COVID-19 test kit. As new coronovirus economies shut down and companies stop hiring afresh, tech giant Microsoft saw a nearly 46 percent drop in hiring activity, while its professional career website LinkedIn did an even worse job is.

According to data compiled by alternative data platform Thinkam, the tech giant run by Satya Nadella listed 5,580 openings on its main career site on 22 March. “By 20 April, the number fell to 3,028, a 46% drop in hiring activity.” Platform that allows investors to obtain data-driven investment ideas by monitoring companies’ websites.

LinkedIn’s main source of revenue comes from job listings, but there are very few new jobs after industries as industries are in the grip of the COVID-19 epidemic. According to Thinkm, the hiring recession at Microsoft is across the board.On March 1, LinkedIn listed 510 openings. The web platform revealed, “Microsoft-owned career website LinkedIn has also seen a decline in hiring. As of this week, LinkedIn shows only 3 openings for its entire business.”

He said, “Of the 20 categories for which the company hires, all have seen a decline in openings. However, none more than the engineering, for which Microsoft typically hires thousands of openings,” it revealed. .

Freezing hiring for the rest of the year?

Not just Microsoft, Google, which has hired 20,000 employees in 2019 and plans to recruit a similar number this year, the company plans to freeze hiring for the rest of the year to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. Has decided.

Sundar Pichai posing next to Google’s quantum computerGoogle blog

In an internal memo, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that now is the time to slow down the pace of hiring significantly, “keeping pace in a small number of strategic areas where users and businesses are running for support Google Trust, and where our growth is critical to their success ”.

Google is also restructuring the focus and momentum of its investments in areas such as “data centers and machines and non-commercial essential marketing and travel”.

Demand for workers has come down between COVID-19

Demand for workers has decreased significantly in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, particularly from the second half of March and the trend of listing on job sites was actually 30 percent lower in the US than in April 10 of this year than in 2019. . .

The trend in new postings is 49.1 percent lower than on April 10, 2019, said in a blog post last week.

Satya Nadella In the photo: Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation.Reuters File

On Monday, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn said with a study that a quarter of employees (25 percent) in India reported a decrease in their income, while 39 percent reported a decline in personal savings due to the impact of COVID Is -19 epidemic.

Those surveys feel confident about the long-term outlook, but are troubled by extreme concerns in the short term about the availability of jobs, the company’s financial condition and the impact of these factors on their income and personal savings.

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