Pokemon Go players are not happy with incoming game adjustments, news sparks community backlash

When the pandemic was wreaking havoc globally final year, Niantic launched a bunch of in-game adjustments in Pokemon Go making it simpler for players whereas they had been all quarantining. Pokemon Go is a game that entails players strolling round and exploring their environment in augmented actuality, so with folks not with the ability to step out, these adjustments had been welcomed. However, with sure international locations with the ability to get a grip and management over the Covid-19 state of affairs, significantly North America and New Zealand, Niantic lately introduced that they had been going to roll again a few of these pandemic-related adjustments to make the game return to what it was earlier than. This has not gone down effectively with the Pokemon Go community and players are fairly offended with the choice – they need the adjustments to remain.

As we had reported earlier, Niantic had introduced the adjustments coming to Pokemon Go on June 21 and these included the discount of Gym and Pokestop interactions, change in incense effectiveness, and period primarily based on whether or not you are on the transfer or stationary, and extra. You can examine all of the adjustments right here. The upcoming adjustments, which can roll out within the US and New Zealand first, resets many in-game options to what they had been pre-pandemic. The adjustments Niantic launched in Pokemon Go as a result of Covid-19 made the game extra accessible to players and the roll-back announcement has sparked a community backlash.

Gabirele Russo has began a petition on that wishes to “Keep the increased spawn rate of Incense & increased interaction range of PokéStops/Gyms”. “I’ve known people who have been very grateful for the increased interaction range,” mentioned Russo.

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“People with physical disabilities were able to interact with PokeStops and Gyms that they were unable to before. The increase in the spawn rate of Incense also made it ten times better. Now people who had played more because of the special bonuses will no longer be able to play/won’t be as inclined to play. Less players = less money for Niantic, meaning that it would be a morally and financially bad decision to take away these bonuses,” Russo added.

Russo’s petition, as IGN factors out, is the smallest of the three petitions on that’s geared toward Niantic. All these petitions have collectively managed to gather nearly 77,000 signatures. One of the three petitions on has been created by a member of the Pokemon Go subreddit community and presently boasts of getting gathered 75,655 signatures and counting the final we checked. “Sign it to let Niantic know that they are breaking our trust by removing what they once said would be a permanent addition,” wrote a person who goes by the identify Amazon_UK.

There are a number of extra Reddit threads devoted to this matter which have been discussing theories as to why Niantic is rolling again the adjustments alongside with normal complaints about the entire state of affairs. Now, whether or not Niantic listens to the community stays to be seen.

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