Talent acquisition: AI-based HR platform captures behavioural insights

The AI-based HR platform, KeeperHR, aims to fit the right talent for a role using a series of imagery-led questions to gather data-driven insights about people.

Founded by Dean Graziano, the newly launched US-based platform captures the invaluable cultural, social, and behavioral insights of a team, to match the best candidates with roles.

“Organizations can use these data analytics, behavioral sciences and AI-based findings to build stronger, more confident teams, improve employee engagement and retention,” a company release said.

Vishal Ahluwalia, co-founder and CEO of KeeperHR, recently announced platforms in the Indian and UK markets to leverage imagination and machine learning to understand the personality and character of a team to support recruitment teams Can go

Ahluwalia said, “During my 20-year career managing a large global workforce at companies like UBS, and Credit Suisse, I recognize Soft Skill as a company culture and tremendous success. KipperHR gives organizations the power to leverage those skills. said.

KeeperHR is working in banking, telecom, consulting and pharmaceutical industries with companies such as Vodafone, Ogilvy, Ernst & Young, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Merck, Geometry and Capgemini, the release said.

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