Technologies That Are Changing the Online Casino Industry

The casino industry has been at the forefront of the adoption of new technologies as soon as it emerges. Because of this, the casino industry is usually more technologically advanced than most other industries. Technology has not only made online casinos safer, but it has also made it easier to play almost anywhere. Here are the technologies that contribute to the experience, fun and accessibility of online casinos.


When they were first announced, smartphones were supposed to be the future of communication. Although this dream and vision has come true, smartphones have gone on to become a lot more. Today, smartphones assist us in so many ways, including enabling us to order groceries or to play at our favourite online casinos.

Many people no longer see it worthwhile to visit physical casinos when they have thousands of casinos available on their mobile browsers. Smartphones have also enabled game developers to release better games that take advantage of the increasing computing power in our smartphones. Games that were only available on desktop computers are now available on our devices.

With the growth in online casinos, it is likely that the new generation of players will no longer need physical casinos unless they want to experience these casinos for themselves.

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)

When they first became mainstream, there was a lot of speculation about the incorporation of AR and VR into casino games and experiences. That said, the industry did show a lot of interest and it is this initial interest that enabled both of these technologies to become mainstream in the casino industry.

AR and VR have enabled casinos to offer new, amazing and more immersive experiences to their players. They have also enabled game developers to come up with new classes of games, notably live dealer games, which we will look at below.

Players can be transported to any casinos they wish as long as the casino provides a VR experience. They can then sit and play the games they like just as they would at a physical casino. This offers a huge advantage to physical casinos as they can now open their doors to players who previously could not visit the casinos.

Live Dealers

Similar to augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, live dealers are also changing the way players play and how they experience online casinos. Live dealer games rely on the internet where players play against the house, but the games are controlled by a real human. In some cases, online casinos allow players to interact amongst themselves, with strict checks put in place to curb conspiracy, fraud and cheating amongst players.

Casinos have seen the value of live dealer games and, with the internet and the technology that makes live dealer games mature enough, more casinos are starting to add live dealer games to their casinos. If you want to experience live dealer games, Online Casinos Review has a guide on how they work as well as reviews of casinos where you can play with a live dealer.  The review site has also published casino guides to improve your online casino experience and detailed reviews on casinos and games including online slots, table games, video poker and others.

Live dealer games are as close as you can get to playing at real casinos without leaving your home. This technology has also proven to be very popular during the pandemic, with a lot of people wanting to experience what it’s like playing at a real casino but unable to leave their homes.


Although more people are learning about cryptocurrencies, they are still relatively new to a lot of people. Even with its relative novelty, cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the safest ways to transact online. It helps players stay anonymous while they enjoy casino games and make it harder for funds to be stolen from player accounts. If past predictions are to be believed, cryptocurrencies are the future of payments.


When most people think about smartwatches, they think about how they have been used in the health industry. Smartwatches are becoming more useful in the casino industry. In the past, they were used to send notifications to players about their accounts, new games or promotions and bonuses. Now, developers are working to develop casino games that are playable on smartwatches. There are very few games available for players right now, but that is expected to change as the number of people interested in this development increases.

New, Safer Payment Options

In the past, you had to use your bank account, debit card or credit card to fund your casino account. Although it was convenient at the time, it was not a safe option considering that you would be handing a casino your personal and banking details. Players no longer have to do this as they now have numerous and safer alternatives that they can use to deposit funds to or withdraw funds from their accounts.

These options are backed by companies that take security seriously and this has made playing online much safer. These new payment methods have also helped players avoid giving casinos all their information, especially when they use e-wallets that only require they give casinos an email address for deposits and withdrawals.

Security Options

Player verification technologies have helped casinos verify the identity of their layers. This has made casinos safer by ensuring only legitimate players can open accounts. These verification processes have also ensured that only the rightful account holder can withdraw funds from a casino account.

Another security development changing the casino industry is two-factor authentication. Players want to know that their accounts are secure and they are the only ones able to access their accounts. Two-factor authentication ensures this by providing two login methods that must be used together to give players access to their accounts. This severely limits unauthorised logins and helps keep player accounts safe.

The casino industry has come a long way, with much of its progress down to technological advancements. Players can expect a better experience than they would have had a few decades ago and casinos can keep players coming back by providing superior experiences.

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