The disease is very old Brother Torsekar

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The Tabligi tribe was a hidden genius of Indian progressive intelligence and media. Or they have their own uncooked porridge. Now when that sin comes to an end, their strings are blown. Then to hide their falsehood, such people are asking the question of what the government and the police were doing.

The point is, why didn’t anyone who was confronted with gomatra or some other ayurvedic treatments spread the word of true corona mercury?

Why none of them shed light on the industry of the Tablighi tribe? In general, these progressive secular people have a strong grasp of prejudice or prejudice. But the fact is not the same. As much as the Hindus feel that they are their enemies, they are the bigger enemies of the Muslims.

Otherwise they would have read the sins of Maulvi Saad Kandhalavi, who had risen to the death of Muslims. Because of the stupidity of this Maulvi, the majority of those who die are mainly Muslims. Most of the coronas-bound Maulvi ulama who have attended the marquees he organized have reached Muslim-majority settlements in various mosques and alternatives, and eventually the disease has spread to more and more Muslims. It can only be a hindrance to other religions if they come close to them.

But in the current lockdown situation, the odds are far less.

That is, at the time of Maulvi Saad’s call for death, it was necessary to save millions of Muslims by bobbling. But then all the leading journalists were struggling to cure Gomutra and Ayurvedic treatment.

From that, they were painting plays showing how we are the beneficiaries of Muslims, and in fact, they were sinning to keep Muslims in the dark about the deadly threat posed by Maulvi Saad. In fact, a Muslim cleric like Saad is not the victim of such advances?

The Modi government came to power so that injustice will be done to the Muslims and who has created the minds of the common or common Muslims that every decision and order of the BJP government is anti-Islam?

Two months ago, a young infant named Nazia, who was sitting in the dam at Shaheenbagh, was hit by a cold and fever. It is only natural for her to suffer. But who taught her to take her out of her misery and fool her into something great?

Her statement came in a NDTV news story after the tragedy. We have two more children and we are ready to kill them for the Shaheenbagh agitation, ”said Nazia. How different is Maulvi Saad’s statement than that?

Saad says the government’s mandate is to prevent Muslims from performing prayers, it should be bowed down, and if death comes to the mosque, it is Pune’s job. Nazia ready to kill her children for citizenship laws Because she thinks it is a great work of religion.

Who has contributed to this terrible understanding in the minds of Muslims? There will be Muslim idiots in it and some Muslim politicians are right. But isn’t it the secular wisdom that pervades the marketplace to give him an intellectual breakdown?

Wouldn’t it have been more motivating for the Nazis to be ridiculed than to explain the Nazi openness to her statement? Then the measures taken by the Modi government to protect Muslims are lacking, and it is only the poor people who think they are sinners. Then did that Nazia or the Maulvi Saad be called criminals or the scapegoat?

Because such Muslims have become and are the victims of this progressive Porkela. The OYC brothers are missing after the merger, and what is the great progressive writer, Javed Akhtar, blowing up the Muktafales?

Even without reading the Citizenship Act and the NRC, they were able to identify the dangers. With Corona now in the limelight, what solution does this great provider have? Until the curfew industry of Merkaj or Tabligi tribe was taking place, and till then no such Muslim supporters were demanded to ban mosque.

Now that the curfew week is over, these sir are appealing to close the mosques in India while Kaaba and Madinah are closed. There is no demand but appeal. They also do not entrust it to the government. Akhtar appealed that Darul Uloom should remove the fatwa that the Deoband, considered to be the major backbone of Islam in India, should close the mosque.

It is called genuine secular. Despite this, they find the religious leaders or religious leaders more valuable than the Indian constitution and the law.

What does it mean to remove a fatwa from Deoband? Does the order not apply to all citizens and organizations of India after the government has declared curfew? Does not Akhtar suggest that the diagnosis is not binding on Muslim citizens and organizations?

Javedbhai, who had a constitution in his hand during the CAA conflict, ordered that the mosque be closed, but the Constitution should not have come from the constitution. There, Darul Uloom is the last officer of Deoband Peetha even before the constitution. The constitution is applicable to everyone else, not to Muslims.

Akhtar Mahasi, who clearly states that the government cannot rule over Muslims with its authority, has great recognition in the world of progress. So we have to see where it started.

From OYC to Akhtar, all Muslim leaders, or progressives, are constantly chanting the name of the Constitution. But when the same constitution or the laws it seeks to unite Muslim religious traditions, they are ready to embrace the constitution.

It started three and a half decades ago. Shahabanu, a divorced woman who had been subjected to several years of legal struggle, got justice for her divorce. This problem has begun by tossing it. All the Maulavi Muslim leaders stood up against the old man for giving him a few rupees as a puppet, and of course he was supported by all the progressive party politicians.

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who seemed helpless in his power, accepted the demand and passed a law that ruled Shahabanu a Supreme Court verdict.

There were huge crowds behind them, and they had no need for help. But if the leader is Lechapé, even the rat can frighten him.

That is what happened, and the aggrieved Muslim leader Arif Mohammad Khan kicked the resignation of Rajiv’s government. He had to leave Congress too. Finally, after two decades of true progress, the BJP entered the BJP and today the Modi government has appointed him as the Governor of Kerala.

So much so that today, the Shaheenbagh or Tbiligi congregations were under the rule of law or any government order was imposed; It started from there. Over the last three-and-a-half decades, the progress of the Constitution and the breaking of the laws passed by it have been practiced in the minds of Muslims for the past three and a half decades. His view has to look at the results of Merckz with dire consequences.

Ever since we realized that we could subdue the Rajiv Sarkar with the most backward religious threats or opinions, the Muslim fundamentalists and religious leaders started indulging in Indian politics as much as they wanted.

By adopting the term secular, he gradually placed the majority of the middle-class progressive parties in India as the backbone. Gradually, they did not even need a separate political party for Muslim politics. Some political streams, such as the Muslim League or the Jamaat-e-Islami, gradually disappeared from Indian politics, and the parties that called the progressives by holding the Muslims in their hands became the Muslim parties.

From that, the reverse reaction, which came out, fell on BJP’s path. After the riots in Gujarat, Narendra Modi became the hero of unhealthy Hindu voters. On the contrary, the progressive parties and intellectuals were becoming more and more helpless for the coalition of votes.

Stoning of the Afzal Guru on the army in Kashmir has become a progressive agenda. It did not gain political benefit from the advancing parties, but the Muslim society and politics were falling into the trap of the Maulvis.

This religious or Muslim fanaticism became a headache for the administration. Had it not been so, the spectacle of Shaheenbagh would not have lasted long or Tbiligi Merkj would not have dared to raise such a terrible corona.

If you look at Shaheenbagh or Merkaj as an immediate event, it would be terrible. But for the last three-and-a-half decades, it is a disease that has been nurtured by politics, and the more it is wiped out, the more it will wander. However, if the bud is raised, it can also come on the floor.

The same is true of Kashmir after the deletion, and it is repeated after Maulvi Saad has been charged. Immediately this absconding Maulvi has issued a decree that he should cooperate with the government. Isn’t it called? Latoke does not believe in ghosts.

The rest of the issue is, why has not this done already by Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah? Why wait for such an arm out? So there was no reason to fear that he was a fundamentalist or even a fanatic of the Muslims. The government has to worry about the media, the thinkers, ahead of the crisis.

The real reason behind such an attack is the secular congregation. How much for these poor misguided Muslims? Their settlement can be instantaneous, as it has been proved in Article 8. But before any such action is taken, it is necessary for the majority of Hindus to take up the issue of humanity and make it clear that they should not capitalize on the sympathy of Hindus.

Remember? Did Uddhav Thackeray, the party chief of the Shiv Sena, who had taken Hinduism as a result of the police action to stop the violence at Jamia Millia University, remembered Jallianwala’s garden? So what will be the story of other ordinary Hindus?

Such Hindus and the progressive madness between them have to be dealt with vigorously. It is important to be so wolfed that there will not be obstruction of ghosts for Hindus or the majority of people in such an act. After the upheaval of Shaheenbagh and Merkaj, that mood was created and only then was the government able to lift the bag.

Of course, the huge cost of this will have to be paid by the majority of Hindus too. But if he is not responsible for the Modi government, it is a side effect of our devious past. The more you endure and understand, this is the strategy to keep you hooked.

On the contrary, if you firmly raise the burden of action, there is immediate surrender. The more effective and permanent this condition is, the more permanent the problem will be. The older the treatment, the worse the treatment is, isn’t it?


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