The first Harry Potter audiobook voiced by Stephen Fry is now free to stream

Harry Potter and Darshanik’s stone, Which was released as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone In america, Now free to stream on audio. Is part of A series of initiatives Launched by JK Rowling and friends to entertain everyone at home. Better yet, this is the version described by Stephen Fry, which has previously been difficult to use legally in the US.

Providing audiobooks as well as publishers of the series Temporarily relaxed license restrictions To allow teachers to read books to their students in remote video lessons.

Bigger debates about Stephen Fryes or Jim Dale’s rendition of Audiobooks are better, but as a British who grew up listening to Frye’s version, it has always been a clear choice for me. If you are an American who has never heard of it, I recommend you leave it, even if it is Techcrunch notes, You may find it difficult to join hands in recording the rest of the books.

Along with the English version of Fry, the free audiobook is also available in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese.

Although Rawlings and his team have loosened the license ban on teachers reading books as part of remote virtual lessons, there are still Some warning. The biggest of these is that it means allowing books to be read on closed educational platforms like Google Classroom or Schoology, rather than commercial platforms like YouTube. Teachers are also encouraged not to revise or revoke books while they are reading them, which is advice that Rowling can sometimes do on his own Stand up for a little more attention.

In the meantime, if you want to listen to audiobook, you can do so Unfortunately the offer is streaming only (there is no option to download), so you need to make sure that you get a somewhat stable connection to the Internet during its nine and a half hour runtime. Accio 4G, am I right?

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