Twitter down across Pakistan, Twitterati blame govt for throttling service

For unspecified reasons, micro-blogging site Twitter has stopped functioning in Pakistan. However, users are able to access social media accounts by using virtual private network (VPN).

Netblock, an internet-connected observatory that monitors worldwide disruptions and shutdowns. “Disruption to Twitter and Periscope for multiple networks; Incident is underway,” he told ORG.

“A lot of people in Pakistan are saying that Twitter has stopped working for them and they are using it via VPN. I am using it without a VPN right now, but its very slow and Hardly loading anything. Very strange “, said a Twitter user. Ammar Rashid.

Another internet observatory named Doundetector showed a live outrage in Pakistan.

Some users in Pakistan have suggested that the disruption is due to the Government of Pakistan.

“@Twitter down in Pakistan only. It seems government service is throttled,” one user said.

Some users said that the internet saath virtual conference is being blocked to obstruct, the disappearance of the implementation of minorities in Pakistan is being held to discuss the issue.

“Can not connect to zoom in. Some people are claiming that blocked most ISP both because of # SAATHVirtualConf2020. I do not know whether it is true, but if so it is very counterproductive Seems because I have not only come to know about it. Because of this the conference, “said Reema Khurshid, another Twitter user from Pakistan.

The Twitter support team has yet to put a word on the matter.

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