Video app VMate’s Myth Buster simplifies WHO-sourced info on Covid-19: Here’s all you need to know – tech

There are a lot of articles and videos on the internet that recommend you to wash your hands regularly, not to touch your eyes and nose and use sanitizers and masks to protect yourself from Kovid-19. Along with legitimate and legitimate videos, there is also a pool of unverified information on the world wide web that spreads terror rather than helping mankind face crisis.

It is unfortunate that there are very few forums providing authentic and detailed information about DOS and donuts and safety measures that should be followed.

To help overcome these limitations and help people beat the epidemic, the short video app VMate has launched an official profile on the platform that provides detailed information verified by none other than the World Health Organization (WHO).

The profile titled ‘Th Myth Buster’ contains almost all FAQs (FAQs) related to the epidemic and clarifies the suspicion. The profile presents facts in an interesting and interactive format, with clear Hindi text, voice-over statements and animations.

Helping them to understand the idea and technology in the simplest way to maximize the reach of the message among the public. Users also have the option of sharing videos on various social media and instant messaging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Here are 10 questions and answers from the Myth buster profile on VMate:

1. Can drinking more water cause coronavirus to spread?

According to a social media post, drinking water every 15 minutes will kill any virus between your throat and stomach, where the acidic stomach juice already present will kill them. The fact is that after this ‘solution’ there is no scientific evidence of any type of virus being killed. However, drinking water regularly keeps your body hydrated and is a good practice.

2. Can Vitamin C Supplement Protect You From Kovid-19?

Researchers have not yet found any evidence to corroborate the claim that vitamin C is an effective supplement against coronavirus.

3. Is the intake of silver particles the right prevention against coronavirus?

An American televangelist falsely claimed that colloidal silver, which means that silver particles in the liquid, can reduce the stress of coronovirus in 12 hours and treat it and help improve immunity. There is no evidence to support this claim. As a matter of fact, the intake of colloidal silver can damage your kidneys and cause cardiovascular diseases. So, do not do this.

4. Does the intake of garlic help prevent novel coronaviruses?

Garlic is a good food ingredient, which protects against many diseases. However, there is no scientific evidence as to whether this novel is helpful in dealing with coronaviruses.

5. Is alcohol consumption a protection from Kovid-19?

Alcohol consumption is not safe from coronaviruses. In fact, it can be dangerous. Regular and increased intake of alcohol can cause many health complications.

6. Do mosquitoes spread coronovirus?

Mosquito bites do not spread coronavirus. No research or study is suggesting that mosquitoes can spread the virus.

7. How effective are thermal scanners in detecting corona infected individuals?

Thermal scanners can help identify people who have fever with Kovid-19. However, they fail to detect patients who have coronovirus but do not show signs of fever. Therefore, it is not very effective because a person contaminated with the virus may not show fever-like symptoms for 10 days.

8. Can Kovid-19 be stopped by hot water bath?

No, bathing in hot water is not a solution to the coronavirus virus. The body temperature of a normal person varies from 36.5 ° C to 37 ° C (97–98 ° F), regardless of the water temperature in which you are bathing, according to the facts, the water will be hotter for you. Can be harmful. Skin.

9. Coronavirus does not spread in hot and humid weather?

The facts so far suggest that Kovid-19 can spread in cold as well as hot / humid weather. Regardless of weather conditions, if you are residing or traveling in a Corona-reported area, please make sure that you take all necessary precautions. The best way to stay safe is to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

10. Can a person overcome coronavirus?

Yes, a person can overcome coronavirus completely. And if some symptoms persist even after treatment, it does not mean that the symptoms will remain with you throughout your life. Most people infected with the virus can get rid of it completely. All symptoms should be treated medically, and if cough, fever and shortness of breath persist, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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