What has changed for limit of five?

WhatsApp has implemented new limits to advance chat: what has changed in the limit of five?

new Delhi : In order to curb mass transfer of messages and misinformation with it, WhatsApp has imposed a new limit on the total number of people a man can take at a time. It was first narrowed down to five following government guidelines to restrict the mega flow of fake news on social media platforms.

According to a media portal, WhatsApp is set to roll out new features for forwarded messages, it has been revealed that the company will soon limit the number of forwarders to one person at a time.

WhatsApp first sends users frequently forwarded messages in up to five chats. WhatsApp said there was a 25% decrease in people sending forwarded messages on the platform.

Whatsapp kovid-19 attempt

WhatsApp said the latest change in the facility comes as part of the company’s efforts to curb misinformation on Kovid-19. WhatsApp also launched its Coronovirus Information Center, and donated $ 1 million to fact-checking services. It has partnered with the Government of India and state governments to launch the Kovid-19 WhatsApp chatbot.

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