WhatsApp: These are the top new features you should know about

Recently added WhatsApp feature you should know about. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services with over 2 billion users worldwide. The Facebook-owned platform receives regular updates and often comes with new features that aim to improve the user experience.

At times, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the new features added to the messaging application. We are listing below all the WhatsApp features which have been included recently.

Group voice / video call limit exceeded

The WhatsApp group allowed only four participants for video and voice calls but this has been changed. The messaging platform has extended the participant limit to eight users to help people connect better during COVID-19 lockdown. According to WhatsApp head Will Cathcart, the update will be available to all Android and iPhone users next week.

‘Together at home sticker

WhatsApp has launched a new sticker pack in association with the World Health Organization (WHO). The purpose of the sticker pack is to help people stay connected to the COVID-19 epidemic. The messaging service said that stickers such as these can be fun, educational and universal through language, age and other barriers.

Repeated Forward Messages Restricted

Fake News travels fast on WhatsApp The messaging app is struggling to stop the threat of misinformation and along the same lines, it set a limit on forwarded messages and struggles often start to mark forwarded messages.

During the coronavirus virus epidemic, the Facebook-owned platform frequently banned messages that ‘shouldn’t be sent to more than one chat at a time. This feature is being rolled out globally.

Whatsapp chatbot for coronavirus

WhatsApp partnered with WHO and the Government of India to launch two separate chatbots to provide authentic information about coronoviruses. The WHO chatboat is simply named the ‘O World Health Organization’ and can be accessed by adding + 41-7989-31892 to your contacts and sending a message or following this link:

The chatbot developed by the Government of India is known as MyGov Corona Help Desk and can be accessed by adding + 91-9013-151515 to your contacts and sending a message or following this link: We tried both of these chatbots and you can read about them here.

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