The 7 Best Granola Bars, According to a Dietitian

Ingredients: When in search of a granola bar, think about your particular person wants. Some granola bars comprise allergens resembling nuts, soy, or dairy that might not be appropriate for all people. (*7*) for school-age kids who’re required to pack allergy-friendly snacks for college, an allergen-free bar could also be greatest whether or not or not the kid has dietary restrictions. When doable, search for a bar made with non-GMO and natural components. Avoid bars with synthetic colours, flavors, and sweeteners. Always take a have a look at the ingredient checklist to be certain that you acknowledge all the parts.

Fiber: Some granola bars are tremendous excessive in sugar however lack dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps to preserve you fuller longer. Look for a bar that incorporates at the very least 1 or 2 grams of fiber.

Protein: It’s frequent for granola bars to be pretty low in protein, as many are made primarily from oats, that are greater in carbohydrates than protein. If you are in search of a granola bar with greater protein, you might have considered trying a bar that incorporates a pure protein supply resembling nuts or seeds. In common, select a granola bar that has at the very least 2 grams of protein.

Sugar and Carbohydrates: Most granola bars are notoriously excessive in sugar and carbohydrates, as they’re made up of oats and sweeteners mixed with dried fruits or chocolate. When doable, choose a bar that’s made up of entire grains, which comprise greater ranges of fiber than refined carbohydrates and take longer for the physique to break down. Choose a bar that incorporates 10 grams of sugar or much less per serving.

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