The information you have about Corona is not a fact but a rumor

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It was decided that I would not wipe my hand any more in all the bogus posts, videos, presentations, posters on the coroner; But since yesterday a video or article of the same meaning has been seen / read in different ways and now it seems that some things need to be clarified.

When forwarding these posts, the information is pasted to the Dean of the KEM Hospital, respiratory specialist or such. However, as I tried to get to the original source, I found out that the informant in this interview conducted by a YouTube channel was a distinguished and distinguished doctor. In the course of medical practice, I will no longer disclose the name, photo, original video or post of this doctor. Just explaining a few things for the general public.

The man said there was no reason for people to be scared of the coronary infection, saying they had ‘more serious problems like TB, malaria, children’s respiratory tract, Hepatitis’ in our country, that’s right. But since then there has been a glitch in the information about ‘Corona’.

This information is displayed on the mobile phone by the person on Corona. It is impossible to know the source of the information in this mobile, but for a few days, very inaccurate and perverse information has been shared on social media under the name ‘unicef’. In this case, UNICEF had to focus on ‘Do not spread misinformation in our name’. UNICEF Explains –…/statement-charlotte-petri-gornitzk…

There is a lot of information about the information that is stored in the name of UNICEF and the information given in the video. What is this information? What is the fact? What is a myth? So the answer –

१. False – Corona virus is 3 to 3 micrometers long.
The truth – The above statement is completely false. Viruses are never so big. Poxvirus is considered to be one of the most important medically important viruses. It is also only 2.5 micrometers. Speaking of corona, the viruses in the ‘corona’ family are only about 2.5 micrometers in size (see link below). The hair on the head is 5 to 8 micrometers. How can the virus be four hundred micrometers?

२. False – This virus ‘falls’ because of its size and weight (grounded!)
The truth – Basically, the virus is not so large, it has already been explained. Moreover, the corona also spreads through the air. Information of the World Health Organization – (How does Covid-19 spread?)

३. False – Corona virus is 4 ° C to 4 ° C. Can survive in the atmosphere. It will not survive in your environment. This video / post also shows the exact figures that Corona lasts for twelve hours on a metal surface, nine hours on a cloth.

The truth – It is true that any virus becomes extinct at warmer temperatures, especially from 5 °. But the temperature of the human body remains constant at 5 ° to 5 ° C. Is maintained. So what effect is the outside environment having on the corona? If the virus comes out of the body and into a surface, the outside environment will be affected by the virus; No one can say for sure how long the virus will last there. Temperatures do not have much effect on coronary infection and prevalence, the World Health Organization said.
See the next two links –
1. (How long does the corona survive on the surface?)

४. False – Salt water will prevent ‘corona’.

The truth – Washing your nose with salt water can usually prevent the common cold. There is no evidence that this affects the corona. (See the second link in the question above).

५. Later in this video Gomutra, dung (??), answered the question, It contains antioxidants, antibiotics. It is strange and regrettable that a doctor should use the term ‘antibiotics’ so loosely.

However, it should be noted that the purpose of this post is to fix misinformation, not to criticize or defame anyone. Suppose my post is a misleading video or posts sharing pages, youtube channels, facebook or twitter accounts etc. If they do, please refrain from spreading this misinformation.

(Apart from this, rumors of eating garlic in various posts, bathing with hot water, eating two tablets of crocin, etc.) have been tarnished by the World Health Organization. Currently there are no definitive treatments for corona.

If you have questions about where we should get information about Corona –

If possible, please visit, the World Health Organization or, the official website of UNICEF or the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, If you want information from Marathi / Hindi, reliable information is available on the website of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and Vasai-Virar. If this is not possible, at least request to avoid forwarding information that does not know the source!


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