The Kashmir Files’ Vivek Agnihotri reacts after Ram Gopal Varma says he ‘hates’ the movie: ‘Destroyed whatever I learned’ | Bollywood

The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri has reacted after director-producer Ram Gopal Varma has mentioned that he ‘hates’ the movie. Reviewing a movie for the first time in his life, Ram praised The Kashmir Files, saying that it ‘broke each rule in the guide’. Sharing a video of himself reviewing the movie on his YouTube channel, he mentioned that the movie destroyed whatever he discovered and thought was proper. (Also Read | Vivek Agnihotri requests Haryana CM to cease ‘unlawful’ screening of The Kashmir Files: ‘Respect artistic business’)

The video began with Ram Gopal Varma saying, “For the first time in my entire career, I am reviewing a film”. He continued, “I don’t really review the film’s subject or the controversial content, I want to review it as a filmmaker on how the film has been made.” He heaped praises how the film was made, the storytelling in addition to the characters. He additionally praised Anupam Kher’s efficiency in the movie.

Ram additionally mentioned, “Kashmir Files released and broke every rule in the book. It doesn’t have stars. There is no intention in the director to impress the audience which is what every filmmaker will be trying to do. He wants to impress.” He added that from now onwards when any director or filmmaker plans any new movie ‘they cannot assist however examine and refer again to Kashmir Files’.

At the finish of the video, he concluded, “I hate Kashmir Files because it destroyed whatever I learned, whatever I thought was right and whatever I thought was in at multiple times. I can’t go back and I can’t reinvent myself and can’t rethink now, ‘Oh, this is how it should be made’. No, can’t. So I hate Kashmir Files whether it is the director or acting style or it is the way the screenplay was made…I hate all of them because you guys made me and all of the filmmakers I would say lose our identity…I hate all the people associated with Kasmir files but I love Vivek Agnihotri for making this happen.”

Sharing his review on Twitter, he wrote, “Don’t take at face value that mainstream Bollywood, Tollywood, etc are ignoring the mega success of #kashmirifiles. The reality is they are taking it more seriously than the audiences, but their silence is because they are s*** scared. Watch my review.”

He additionally added, “[email protected] single-handedly (footedly) kicked on the following myths a**** 1. Only big stars can get people into theatres, 2. Only mega budgets can get people into theatres, 3. Only #KapilSharmaShow can get people into theatres, 4. Only super hit songs can get people into theatres.”

Sharing a clip from Ram’s YouTube review, Vivek tweeted, “You hate #TheKashmirFiles @RGVzoomin and that’s why I love you.” The movie has collected 141.25 crore at the field office inside simply over every week of its launch.

The movie, that includes Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty, and Pallavi Joshi, launched in theatres on March 11. The Kashmir Files revolves round the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Nineties from the Kashmir Valley. The movie has been declared tax-free in a number of states together with Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Goa, Haryana, and Uttarakhand.

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