The old comment on Facebook will make you laugh by saying these commentary comments below!

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While the Corona virus mate has caused a worldwide outcry, even in India, Corona’s partner has made the environment alarming. A number of measures are being taken at the government level to prevent coronary infection. In India, the number of patients infected with the virus is increasing day by day.

Considering the danger in the coming days, the Maharashtra government and the central government have announced a lockdown till April 7. During this period, people have been urged to stay at home and take care of their health. With this unexpected holiday of twenty-one days, everyone has to wonder what to do in this free time. Some people on Facebook discovered a trick on this question. Excavate the old seven-eight-year-old photo of the people in your friends and put comments on it. These comments were so telling that everyone started doing this. Older photos of many came up as a result of these rhetorical adjustments, and networking was another way to spend time.
Here are some of those tell-tale comments we’ve brought you…

These were some of the comments we selected. If some friends in your friends have made such comments and you like them, please share them with us in the comment box!


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