The Rise of Crypto in the Entertainment Industry

Since the advent of smartphones, high-speed internet, and engaging user interfaces, individuals have shifted their focus towards digitally accessible products and services. Digital assets and currencies have gained immense popularity and acceptance over the last 5 years. Every 9 in 10 individuals have access to digital wallets and cryptocurrency.

The online entertainment industry comprises streaming portals, online TV shows, news bulletins, music, journals, e-books, and much more. Over the years, individuals faced challenges in paying for their online subscriptions and packages. But since the acceptance of digital currencies, avid streamers and online users can pay via e-wallets linked to their digitalized bank accounts.

Since the launch of Cryptocurrencies, significant changes have been observed in ongoing market trends and dynamics. Digitalized platforms and currencies have started to dominate international markets at a noticeable rate. It is expected that BTC will cap a net worth of $100,000 by the upcoming year and suppress the USD as the globally accepted currency. More than 15000 online businesses and e-communities have started taking transfers and payables in BTC and other digital currencies. The entertainment industry is also promoting the culture of accepting payments in BTC via e-wallets. It is expected that the ongoing digital market trends will undergo a solid digital revolution in the upcoming years.

How has Crypto Revolutionized Online Entertainment Industry?

According to the statistics of 2020, the integrated blockchain resources in the entertainment, advertising, and media industry were valued at $166.7 million. However, the net worth is expected to reach $4371.31 million by the year 2026. Digital markets and online platforms have started accepting payments via e-banking and e-wallets applications. A significant percentage of online users have demonstrated confidence in making payments via digital streams.

Since 2010, many major businesses and land-based ventures have shifted their operations and working on digitalized platforms. More than 97% of the potential customers search for resources and entertainment ventures online. The entertainment industry will continue attracting millions of online customers and viewers from across the globe for the upcoming 2 decades or even more. More than 10 million individuals access various online entertainment platforms to spend their free time and establish a social reputation.

Which Entertainment Ventures Accept Crypto?

The online entertainment industry is known to synchronize with digital trends and meet the expectations of its users. Crypto and digitalized ledgers are the imperative need of time. Almost every platform needs to integrate Crypto payment options to cater to the needs of online clients and users. When it comes to entertainment, on average, every person spends about $3500 throughout the year. Whether it be an online gaming platform or content streaming portal like Netflix, individuals always take pride in subscribing to unlimited family plans to make the most out of the online entertainment platforms. The growing worldwide acceptance of Cryptocurrencies has motivated industrial giants and online platforms to accept payments via BTC and other Cryptocurrencies.
Mentioned below are a few entertainment ventures those have started accepting payments via e-wallet transactions and Crypto.

  • Online Casinos and Betting Platforms
  • Online Content Streaming Platforms
  • E-gaming Portals

Online Casinos and Betting Platforms

There are more than 2200 operational online casinos in the US. Online gambling is regularized throughout the 50 states of the US, encouraging avid gamblers to pay via Crypto and other digital methods and spend time gambling. Many online casinos offer exciting deals and rewards for players who make payments and transfers via digital wallets and Crypto. Casino Days accept Bitcoin and other cryptos via secured and end-to-end encrypted transaction mediums. Online payment and rewards systems facilitate online gamblers who trade in Crypto and other digital dominations. As an avid gambler, one would always love gambling in user-friendly gambling and betting arena where payments can be made via secured transaction streams and payouts can be directly transferred into local bank accounts and e-wallets. Casino owners and regulators accept payments and transfers in BTC via digital e-wallets to keep transfers end to end encrypted. Moreover, the payment gateway would be entirely secured, and players would not experience chargeback issues like local credit cards.

Online Content Streaming Platforms

Across the globe, cinemas and theatres are among the most visited spots by locals and tourists. But with the influx of online cinemas and content streaming platforms like Hulu, Disney, HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, individuals prefer staying back in their cozy living spaces and streaming the content online. Online content streaming platforms and digital libraries are accessed by over 2.6 billion users worldwide.  With the growing acceptance of digital currencies, online content streaming platforms have broadened their payment gateways and started accepting subscription and renewal payments in BTC. Individuals can pay with BTC, converting the amount into USD, British pound, Dirhams, etc.

E-gaming Portals

According to the market research of 2019, about 400 million gamers are involved in e-sports and gaming activities online. E-gaming portals have evolved as the most accessed portals around the globe, attracting millions of avid gamers throughout the day. Cryptocurrencies are the undeniable future of online gaming, where thousands of gamers would place bets in BTC and win payouts in Crypto and other digital dominations. Acceptance of BTC and other cryptos on international gaming platforms encourages gamers to compete in international tournaments and demonstrate their skills in international arenas. E-gaming portals and websites allow gamers to win lucrative earnings in Cryptos that can be easily converted and traded via third-party platforms such as Binance.


The online gaming industry isn’t limited to online casinos, streaming platforms, and e-gaming portals. The online gaming industry is continuously developing, integrating various technologies and ideas on multiple platforms. The online gaming industry and the influx of digital currencies are expected to grow and revolutionize online market trends. If you are a seasoned gambler or a determined Crypto trader, you can see a bright future for yourself in the upcoming years. Moreover, if you are a strong financer or an investment banker, it’s time to upgrade your investment portfolio and invest in digital assets and commodities.

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