The Woods has Netflix viewers hooked on ‘super creepy’ and ‘heartbreaking’ scenes

From the Stranger writer Harlan Coben comes a chilling Polish thriller titled The Woods and Netflix viewers are already enjoying every twisted twist.

Writer Harlan Coben’s latest twisted thriller to hit Netflix has viewers ‘hooked’ on its gritty twists and turns. The Woods is a Polish mystery thriller from the creator of The Stranger and Safe, which shows that Coben is indulging the public.

This tale follows the 20-year-old disappearance of four teenagers in the woods near their summer camp. Currently, prosecutor Paweł Kopiński is brought in to identify a body that has been found and that may be one of the missing teenagers.

One of the children who disappeared was Pawel’s own brother, but when he sees the body it is not his brother, but he definitely seems to be one of the children. Then Pawel intends to find answers, initiating his own investigation as he searches for the truth behind what happened to his brother and his mysterious sister.

Naturally, the series contains a series of haunting twists, turns, and sequences, and viewers have been moaning at every turn and turning to social media to share their adoration for the slow-burning drama.

A viewer of the series wrote on Twitter: “Another great adaptation on Netflix from one of @HarlanCoben ‘s books.

“It was a captivating and gripping 6 part thriller, brilliantly done mystery.

“The writing and story was superb! Hopefully there is more series based on his books to come #TheWoods “.

Well this definitely sounds like one not to be missed! The Woods is now available on Netflix.

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