TikTok rating on Google Play Store rises to 1.6. Explained how?

The social media application TikTok saw the dark days on the Google Play Store, with its rating dropping from 4.5 to 1.3 after a few days. It all started with the YouTube vs. TickTalk video of Cariminity, with the latter facing heavy backlash. Several thousand users gave it a 1-star rating and negative feedback. However, within a day, the app’s rating on the Google Play Store had improved to 1.6.

According to a news report, it has been revealed that Google removed several reviews on the TikTok app listing; Due to which its rating increased from 1.3 to 1.6. According to a tweet by Norbert Alix, a Twitter user, the number of reviews dropped from 28 million when the rating was seen at 1.6, to 27 million when the rating was seen at 1.6.

There was no mention of why Google would delete the comments on the App List page.

“Keeping people safe on Tiktok is a top priority and we make it clear in our term of service and community guidelines that are not clearly acceptable on our platform. As a policy, we do not allow content that others Jeopardizes the safety of people. Tikotok spokesperson said that promoting violence against women or glorifying violence against women violates our guidelines and we have taken the contents, suspended the account and Working with law enforcement agencies.

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