Tofu, Soya Chunks, Eggs, Chickpeas, Raw Whey Protein

Protein is probably the most important nutrient with regards to muscle constructing or progress and upkeep of the human physique. It is required for nearly each exercise by the human physique. Apart from these, hormones that regulate the very important processes of the physique are something however proteins. Hence, you will need to be sure that the physique will get a ample provide of proteins every day.

Human requirement for protein could be fulfilled by taking 0.8-1 gram of protein per kilogram of physique weight which roughly comes as much as 46g per day for a median feminine and about 56g per day for a median male. This requirement additional will increase when the individual is trying to build muscle groups or lose fats.

There is truckloads of data floating on the web about how one can simply add protein to your weight-reduction plan. However, few of them take your funds into consideration. Hence, on this article, we are going to make it easier to add sources of protein to your weight-reduction plan that don’t burn a gap in your pocket.

1. Eggs

Affordable Sources Of Protein That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket
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There is a purpose why eggs resonate with the phrase protein itself. Eggs are one of many best and most most well-liked sources of protein for all bodybuilders and athletes world wide.

Since eggs are an entire supply of protein which supplies you all 9 important amino acids together with important nutritional vitamins and minerals, they make for the perfect breakfast possibility to start out your day with.

One complete egg provides you round 6g of protein together with the goodness of important vitamins whereas one egg white provides you about 3.5g of protein.

Cost:- Rs 4-6 per egg

2. Soya Chunks

Affordable Sources Of Protein That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket
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We simply cannot miss out on soya chunks when speaking about reasonably priced sources of protein. Soya chunks are made by soy flour that has been ‘defatted’ or the oil has been eliminated.

Again loads about soya chunks has been stated on the web that it messes up along with your hormones because it reduces your testosterone and will increase estrogen, all of that which isn’t confirmed or backed by science precisely.

If you’re a wholesome particular person, consuming about 50-80g of soya chunks is taken into account to be completely secure. However, in case your physique does not digest them very effectively then identical to another meals you may scale back and even fully skip them. But in case your intestine is pleased with it, then you may add soya chunks to your weight-reduction plan with none worries.

Cost:- Rs 40-60 per 200gm

3. Chickpeas

Affordable Sources Of Protein That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket
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Another nice supply of protein that deserves to be in your plate is chickpeas, as 100g of chickpeas (uncooked) provides you a whopping 20g of protein. Not simply protein, chickpeas additionally present important micronutrients like manganese, iron, folate, copper that improve your total physique functioning. Apart from its good protein content material, chhole (chickpeas) tastes scrumptious too.

Chickpeas, nevertheless, aren’t an entire supply of protein, as they miss out on few important amino acids. Try to devour your chickpeas curry with a portion of rice or multigrain/complete wheat roti (Indian flatbread) and also you’re good to go.

Cost:- Rs 150 per kg

4. Tofu

Affordable Sources Of Protein That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket
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Tofu is derived from soybeans and is an entire protein supply. It’s a terrific possibility for vegetarians and vegans too. 100g of tofu provides you a terrific 17g of protein together with good quantities of calcium and iron. It can take folks a while to get used to its style, however it absorbs taste rather well.

To make it extra palatable, you may attempt making dishes like Tofu Bhurji (the identical approach you make paneer bhurji) or make a wholesome gravy utilizing tomato puree and ginger-garlic puree as a base and spicing it up with conventional spices like turmeric, pink chili powder, and so forth.

Cost:- Rs 50 for 200gm 

5. Raw whey protein

Affordable Sources Of Protein That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket
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Whey protein is a byproduct of the cheese manufacturing course of and probably the most handy sources of full protein out there. Consuming it is so simple as including one scoop to water after which sipping it.

When it involves different whey protein dietary supplements, most of them are fairly costly as they’ve added flavors or they’re isolates (which is a extra refined model of whey protein concentrates), which is why uncooked whey proteins had been launched as an reasonably priced different. Now once more, uncooked whey protein will not style nearly as good as different flavored whey proteins do however this does not imply that it tastes disgusting.

Adding 1 scoop of a superb high quality uncooked whey protein may clear up your downside for every day protein consumption, as a 1 scoop of whey protein gives you a superb 22–25g of protein per 30g of serving, which incorporates all of the 9 important amino acids and affords a excessive bioavailability in your physique.

Cost:- Rs 1200 for 30 scoops

It could appear costly as you’ll be spending the money without delay, however once you do the maths, you’ll realise that you’re getting round 24g of high-quality protein for Rs 40, which is the perfect you may ask for.


Adding protein-rich meals to your weight-reduction plan doesn’t should burn a gap in your pocket. Therefore, these are some reasonably priced high-protein meals that you could add to your weight-reduction plan in order that you do not have to compromise in your health purpose.

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