Top Online Casino Strategies

Many gamblers can’t resist online casinos with the alluring integrative gambling sites. Online gambling platforms provide more opportunities to win life-changing cash.

However, to beat the firm at its own game, you need to hit the tables armed with tips and strategies that increase your chances of winning. While some casino games employ luck to win, superior games such as online pokies employ a considerable amount of skill.

This guide imparts you with proven tips and strategies to prolong your bankroll and generate some windfall in your gaming endeavors.

Choosing the Right Game

Strategies are pointless if you choose the wrong game to apply them to. Contrary to popular belief, there are games you stand better chances of winning than others. Online casino games have a house edge, which is the casino’s mathematical advantage on the payout.

An example of house edge is Roulette’s 35:1 payout, although 37 or 38 outcomes exist. It means that wagering $100 on every bet would have the potential of winning $3500 but losing $3600. Therefore the net loss is $100.

Some games have a higher house edge than others. Ideally, you would want to try your hand at games with a lower house edge. Poker and Baccarat are games with a lower house edge to start your online gambling playing.

Top Tips and Strategies to Use

After deciding on your preferred game, you can proceed to employ the following tips for a more rewarding online casino experience:

  1. Set a budget

Every gambler knows their financial status and the risk of gambling. Set a maximum wager amount that you are willing to gamble and split it into sizable bits. Using the Martingale strategy, compute your odds of winning while doubling down on every losing bet. Add the total amount, and that’s your budget.

  1. Leverage your mathematics knowledge

Finally a real-life scenario, you can use basic math to accomplish something. Online casinos use algorithms that combine different math formulas. You do not need to master all of them, but a few basic ones will suffice.

Counting cards is an excellent strategy you can use for playing poker and Baccarat. The major merit of online gambling is that no one will throw you out of the establishment when you display your card counting skills, unlike in brick and mortar establishments.

  1. Be selective with your hands

This particular strategy is for playing poker. Rookie players usually approach poker with a lot of trepidation and check when they are supposed to bet and call when they are supposed to raise.

However, you need to understand when to pass on marginal hands and deal with monster hands to win money. Ideally, you start with a raise when your opening hand has an A-K combination or A-Q.

The aggressive playing style pushes out weaker hands, therefore making the pot bigger. While playing against live dealers, you will find an aggressive style beneficial when you have strong opening hands.

  1. Don’t chase losses

You have to know when the house has a high edge against you for some games. Online slots and jackpots usually grow bigger as more players lose. It is prudent to recognize when the house has won and fold your bets.

However, you may recoup losses for games such as online pokies since they have a favorable Return to Player (RTP) rate. Always consider the RTP, the average percentage of money lost that you can recover.

  1. Use on-site tips

The online casino platform is not out to get you. The tips on the site provide the useful information you can use to win. Read them keenly and use them to wager. Not all sites have on-site tips, but those that provide actionable ones may trounce all the strategies you know if used correctly.

  1. Avoid side bets

Side bets offer lucrative betting options to the conventional wagering options. However, the losses can be significant if you get them wrong. As a general rule of thumb, avoid side bets. Instead, focus on winning smaller bets. Cumulatively they surpass the ROI of side bets.

  1. Use bonuses to your advantage

Deposit bonuses, cashback and in-game bonuses are all incentives you should leverage. Instead of betting your hard-earned cash, use bonuses to win cash. Pocket some and reinvest the surplus.

Some sites offer better bonuses than others-gamble on such sites. Also, be wary of sites that offer bonuses with a catch. They are likely to be shoddy sites that won’t pay you when you win.

Other freebies include demo games that you can use to practice acclaimed strategies, such as Fibonacci and Martingale. They are not particularly bonuses but serve as a platform for honing your online casino skills.


Online casinos offer superior betting options that leverage skill and luck. As a novice or established gambler, strategies arm you to battle against the house edge. With our strategies and a chest trove of luck, you are sure to win some quid.

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