Twitter’s new feature could mark end of trolls, prevent online abuse, harassment

Twitter is witness to endless conversations that begin with a single tweet on a daily basis. One of the most requested features of all time has been an edit button for the tweet – an idea Twitter has found ridiculous in trying to keep the tweet raw and incomplete. If Twitter changes its stand on the edit button, that’s fine, but it’s sure that new features are being tested all the time. One such feature is revealed by the platform and it can bring a new change in the conversation.

Limited answer

Twitter is currently testing a feature that limits response to tweets. In a brief video explaining how the feature works, Twitter said that users will be able to choose whether to allow everyone, the people you follow, or just the people you refer to @ We do. While some feel it goes against the nature of the platform’s openness, Twitter says it gives users “more opportunities to weigh in while still being in control, to get them started.”

If users choose to limit replies to those they follow or people mentioned in the tweet, the rest of the users will not weigh their views in the conversation. However, users will still be able to like and retweet without restrictions.

Is the feature helpful?

First, Twitter has yet to roll out the feature, and in fact, we don’t know if it will ever see the light of day. In any case, Twitter is testing the feature with a small group of people around the world on all of its platforms to get a sense of its use in a practical world.

This is yet another feature focused on answers, which suggests that this area is of great importance to Twitter. The company has rolled out features such as hiding replies and is also testing a new way to show threaded conversations. All this is an attempt to bring valuable input into the spotlight.But users’ reaction to the tweet announcing the feature is mixed. On one hand, the facility can help prevent trolls and bullies from harassing and abusing users on stage. But on the other hand, it can encourage one-sided conversation without anyone correcting the tweet thread. Users can always choose to retweet with comments to share their thoughts.

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