UK govt set to roll out speedy finger-prick COVID-19 tests after conducting successful ‘secret human trials’

In-house tests, developed by the Oxford Consortium with Diagnostics firms, can tell within 20 minutes whether a person has ever been exposed to COVID-19.

London: According to a UK government report, the UK government plans to conduct millions of free coronavirus antibody tests, which produce immediate results after finger-pricking after successful secret tests.

In-house tests, developed with firms diagnosed by a University of Oxford association, can tell within 20 minutes whether a person has ever been exposed to the deadly virus and 98.6 percent of the human tests conducted in June have been found to be accurate , The Daily Telegraph Reported.

The Regis Professor of Medicine at Oxford, who leads the British government’s antibody testing program, said, “This rapid test seems really surprising, and it shows that we can do this ourselves.”

So far, the only antibody tests approved for use in the UK have included blood samples sent to laboratories for analysis, which can take days. Now, the newspaper said that thousands of prototypes of the new finger-prick have been manufactured in factories across the UK in anticipation of expected regulatory approvals in the coming weeks.

Ultimately, antibody tests help reveal the levels of immunity that people can form against COVID-19 but it is not yet clear whether the spread of coronovirus antibodies means future immunity to the disease.

Ministers expect the ABC-19 lateral flow test to be available for use in the mass screening program before the end of the year. The new tests have been developed by the UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC), a partnership between Oxford University and UK diagnostics companies including York-based Abingdon Health.

UK-RTC leader and Abingdon Health president Drs. Chris Hand revealed that the UK-made test passed its first major clinical trial last month, involving around 300 people and was conducted by scientists at the University of Ulster.

Dr. “It was found to be 98.6 percent correct, and it is very good news,” Hand told the newspaper.

“We have two shifts of R&D personnel who work day and night, seven days a week. This kind of development program will take a year. We have completed it in 10 weeks. Now we with our partners Are working. To produce doses of thousands every month, “he said.

Under government schemes, tests will be distributed to healthcare professionals before they are made available for use at home to millions, who will then send their results to a central database.

“If the coronavirus is like a virus and people need an annual vaccine, then we will need a large-scale antibody test to measure people’s antibody response to that vaccine.”

Unlike many rivals, the UK-RTC variant uses “full-length spike proteins” of the virus to capture so-called IgG antibodies as the blood undergoes home testing. If the result is positive, two pink lines appear within 20 minutes.

A spokesman for the UK Department of Health and Social Care said: “We have received an exceptional response to our call for action to supply antibody tests, and to identify safe and accurate tests we use at home Continue to work with the industry.

“While these tests will help us better understand how the coronovirus is spreading throughout the country, we do not yet know whether antibodies indicate immunity from re-infection or transmission.”

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