Useful Apps for Parents

A smartphone can become a real assistant for parents who want to ensure the well-being of their children. With the dedicated solution, it is possible to easily monitor the progress and academic performance of children, their current location, and even know what they are doing in their free time. Some other apps will help you check homework and easily guide you through the school curriculum of your kid.

We’ve prepared a detailed overview of the best apps that every parent should have installed on their phones. These programs will help you plan your time, communicate with children, and be confident in their safety. Besides that, you can also use the following software solutions to help your child with their studies.

kids phone watch

#1 – GPS Tracker

There are many dedicated programs that monitor the location of the child. If your kid does not respond to your call, you can send a loud signal to the device or even activate a camera/microphone to get an idea of what the child is doing at the moment. You can even install the app on a kids phone watch secretly so that a kid doesn’t know that you are a spy. With the help of the software solution, you can:

  • Enter the data of several children and monitor their location;
  • Check the history of the child’s movements;
  • Set “safety zones”, the application will notify you when the child leaves them;
  • If the GPS is disabled on the child’s smartphone or the application settings are lost, it will send a notification to the parent;
  • Record sounds around your kid holding a device;
  • Receive a weekly report on the time in a particular application on a smartphone.

#2 – Parental Control Apps

This is a mobile application that protects parental smartphones when used by children. It controls access to other programs so that the child can only use those that you have granted access to. Parental Control apps also prevent children from accidentally downloading applications, making calls, sending SMS, and using other paid services.

#3 – Baby Connect Apps

With this application, you can monitor the development of the baby and store information about the kid’s height, weight, diseases, etc. The application allows you to graph changes and generates reports. The database can include a wide variety of information about feeding, baby sleep time, mood, favorite games, and much more. It is useful for parents with toddlers and primary school children.

The main advantages of the program are as follows:

  • Available from different devices and allows you to connect multiple users: grandmother, nanny, etc.;
  • There is a function of reminders – when to give medicine, feed, or change a diaper;
  • Unlimited amount of data;
  • Can be accessed via a browser from a computer.

#4 – Antivirus Parental Control

This program will help parents of toddlers and schoolchildren of primary and middle age to monitor their use of smartphones and tablets.

You can avail of an app in the following ways:

  • It can refer to the child by name and give advice on how to work with the device, remind of household chores or lessons;
  • It allows you to set the time periods when you can turn on the device and adjust it, for example, to the school schedule;
  • it blocks visits to sites in 20 categories and allows you to create your own lists;
  • You can follow the child’s work on the network and receive reports for the day, week or month;
  • The child can send a parent a request to visit a site that is blocked in the application;
  • Shows on the map the position of the child when he/she has the device.

Get the max out of modern solutions – use smart applications to ensure that your kid is doing well.

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