Villas for sale in Side, Turkey

If you are thinking about acquiring real estate, somewhere in the warm regions on the seashore, then you definitely need to turn your eyes to Turkey. Apartments in Turkey are quite affordable and you can easily pick up a house with a price even lower than in major cities of other countries popular among expats. And if real estate in the popular Antalya is somewhat more expensive, then apartments in Side and other resort towns will pleasantly surprise you. Moreover, apartments for sale in Marmaris, Oba, and Alanya, are waiting for you on the Turk.Estate website.

Location of Side

Side is located on a picturesque peninsula. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose apartments in Side, where you can see the sea and beaches from every window. By the way, the beaches in this city are quite wide and mostly sandy. Although in some places you can find mixed beaches or even pebbles. But there are few of them and only if you choose an apartment in Side in a remote area. It is also important that the city pays close attention to the cleanliness of the beaches. Therefore, they are pristine here, for which many are marked with the Blue Flag sign, which is given only to the cleanest and most beautiful beaches.

Four reasons to invest in villa in Side

  1. One of the most important advantages of Side villas is the climate of Turkey. After all, it allows you to sunbathe and swim in the sea from April to November. At the same time, there is practically no precipitation here in the summer season. Almost the entire annual precipitation rate falls in winter, when the temperature outside is about +10⁰С. Below 0⁰С the thermometer falls very rarely here, and snow is very rare. Therefore, houses have practically no heating systems. The air conditioner does this job well. Although if you plan to come to this city in winter, we advise you to still get a heating system.
  2. One of the main attractions of Side, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to this city, is the history of this city. After all, the modern houses of safely coexist with the ruins of the ancient city, and many ancient buildings are still used today. So, for example, villa in Side will allow you to shop in the market square, which is already more than 3,000 years old, and if you have a car, you can drive along the columned street. It was along this street that Alexander the Great or other great Roman emperors may have passed.
  3. And of course, it should be noted that Side is a fairly large tourist center in Turkey. Thanks to this, the city has all the necessary infrastructure to receive a large number of tourists. Apartments will provide you with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. And in terms of entertainment, you will find a large number of them for every taste.
  4. And finally, we note that a villa in Side will allow you to make amazing shopping tours around the city. After all, products made of gold and fur in this city are considered the cheapest, and their choice here is truly huge. In addition, local shops will surely offer you a huge selection of fakes for the most famous European brands.

Real estate in Turkey

Whether you prefer Side, or any other city in Turkey, there are plenty of housing options you may find on the Turk.Estate website. Go and check them out and soon you will become a proud owner of property in Turkey.

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