Vishwajeet Pradhan: Negative characters nowadays have become earthy | Bollywood

Actor Vishwajeet Pradhan, identified for enjoying an antagonist in yesteryear movies, on how the villain of Indian cinema has advanced. Also talks about how OTT has supplied alternatives and compelled the trade to interrupt away from the typecasting mode.

He has spent over three a long time within the movie trade and is essentially identified for essaying unfavorable roles. But actor Vishwajeet Pradhan says entering into the sneakers of an antagonist was not a deliberate transfer. “Feroz Khan (director) gave me a break as a villain in Yalgaar (1992) and people liked me in that avatar. So, it (playing the villain) went on. Playing an antagonist opens up the canvas for portrayal of a character, as compared to the goody-goody hero. The antagonist has more shades and spice. Also, the negative character teaches through its own example — what not to do in life,” says the actor.

Talking in regards to the distinction between a yesteryear antagonist and that of right this moment, Pradhan provides, “Negative characters nowadays have become earthy or desi, more grounded in the ethos. Earlier, we had highly stylised Ajit (Khan) saab, Pran saab and KN Singh (actors known for playing negative parts). The later ones mostly followed in their footsteps. Now, we see negative characters that are more tangible — writing wise and performance wise.”

Pradhan ventured into the OTT house with the net collection, Aarya, and he’s in love with the medium. “OTT has been a life saver during the pandemic for those stuck at home. At the same time, the exposure to world entertainment has made the audience more mature and open to new ideas. With so much work, actors — old and new — have found opportunities. Our industry has been known for typecasting actors or repeating the same ones over and over,” says the actor, who’s glad that he acquired “a lot of love and appreciation for playing Sampat in Aarya”.

Pradhan goes on to speak about how the filmmakers of right this moment are starkly totally different from these from the yesteryear: “The makers now are more disciplined. Big actors such as Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Shah Rukh Khan, etc. are all sticklers for time. This is a change in our industry that I love. Projects start and finish on time. Earlier, due to the lackadaisical attitude of some leading men, the films would drag for 3-4 years. I’m glad that an undisciplined lot of actors have been kicked out.”

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