WhatsApp rival Telegram launches new features; check out

WhatsApp’s closest rival Telegram on Friday launched several new features including in-app video editor, two-step verification, animated stickers, GIFs and more.

The video enhancement feature will enable users to tweak the video in two taps with dozens of parameters such as saturation, brightness with zoom-in option during drawing.

Animated stickers can now be added to photos and videos during editing, which can later be converted to GIFs, as well. The app has also added new attractive speaking GIFs to enhance the user chat experience.

From the data security point of view, Telegram said in a statement that it has introduced two-step verification for its users.

Just about anyone can click the Privacy and Security option to enable the two-step verification security lock. Users are required to set a new password by entering it twice after a password prompt.

Now further if this two-step authentication password is enabled on a given account, then anyone trying to login with that new device needs to know the password, along with OTP.

Telegram Messenger has also provided a new cache memory management tool directly to clean storage according to user requirement.

Users can also choose a scale when they want to keep their previous data from three days to forever.

This will only delete unsubscribed files, which can later be downloaded again from Telegram Cloud.

A user can also clear the local data base, where the texts of cached messages will be compressed to save space on the internal disk.

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