When Sonam Kapoor said she was like an ‘apsara’ to ‘sadhu-like’ Anand Ahuja

Sonam Kapoor celebrated her thirty sixth birthday on Thursday. Currently residing in London with husband Anand Ahuja, the actor kicked off the celebrations on Tuesday, with an Instagram publish she captioned, “Back home… birthday week starts!” The mom-to-be, who’s pregnant along with her and Anand’s first baby collectively, spoke about what satisfied her to marry the businessman in an previous interview. Speaking about him being made from ‘great moral fibre’, Sonam said Anand sees issues in ‘black or white’, not in shades of gray. Read extra: Sonam Kapoor exhibits child bump in new video with husband Anand Ahuja

In a 2020 interview with Filmfare, Sonam spoke about her relationship with Anand. She referred to him as a ‘sadhu’ and herself as his ‘apsara’. She said she was ‘lucky’ to have married somebody like him.

Actor Sonam Kapoor and her businessman husband Anand Ahuja are expecting their first child together.
Actor Sonam Kapoor and her businessman husband Anand Ahuja expect their first baby collectively.

“I’m not saying this because Anand’s my husband but because of the person he is. I call him Gautam Buddha. I tell him if you hadn’t met me, you would have left everything and gone off to the forest. He’s extremely idealistic. (Laughs) I’m like one of those apsaras pulling the sadhu out of his tapasya! I’m lucky to have married such a good human being. He’s so black and white that to an extent it’s annoying. Like we cannot do this and we cannot cut the queue… and things like that,” Sonam said.

Sonam additionally revealed what prompted her to marry Anand. She said he cherished her regardless that she was ‘nuts’. Sonam added that Anand knew her ‘exactly’ how she is. He knew that she was somebody who was moohfat (frank), and would ‘say whatever’ with ‘no filter’. She added that Anand cherished her for who she was, and never due to her occupation as an actor.

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja made their baby announcement on March 21.
Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja made their child announcement on March 21.

“He saw the person in me and not some glamorous heroine. He saw me as Sonam, someone who’s extremely naïve and moohfat (frank). And also, someone least competitive and ambitious. He said I cannot understand that being in the film industry you’re not ambitious. I was like being ambitious is not a bad thing. But I’m not ambitious to be No. 1. I’m more ambitious to do good work and work with the right people. When you work in the film industry your world becomes small. I didn’t want that to happen. I’ve had the same friends in the industry from the beginning. I’ve had the same friends through ups and downs. Not fair-weather friends,” Sonam said

In March 2022, Sonam introduced she was pregnant with their first baby with Anand. Sharing footage of their maternity photoshoot, Sonam wrote on Instagram, “To raise you the very best we can. Two hearts. That will beat in unison with yours, every step of the way. One family. Who will shower you with love and support. We can’t wait to welcome you.”

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