Why does digital advertising require a blockchain?

Digital advertising requires providing a perfect ecosystem for the existing media platforms, distribution channels, and coordination with a number of Telecom firms. A lot of money is lost to fraudulent activities. If such interventions can be avoided, media companies will gain substantially. You can also visit website to search for more about this in detail.

An effective answer to fraud and copyright problems is the right application of blockchain technology. If blockchain technology is appropriately used, this sector can benefit immensely. It will allow secure data sharing and management of digital assets. This will improve the quality of advertisements that the consumer receives.

To put it straight, blockchain in the advertisement sector will not only improve the experience of the consumer but also make digital assets and copyright management much more secure.

but to understand the implication that blockchain will have in the advertisement sector we need to understand how this technology works.


 Blockchain was initially designed to manage and accurately track digital assets. W. Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber conceptualized this new technology in the 90s. The aim of blockchain was to timestamp digital assets so that they can be managed more securely without being susceptible to tampering.

Later this technology was adopted by Satoshi Nakamoto when he created the first-ever cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin. Blockchain allows the creation of a new form of decentralized ledger system that can be used to store transactional data on crypto transactions.

Today cryptocurrencies are a popular phenomenon. Besides convenient and secure transactional infrastructure, cryptos are also considered a store of value. With the help of applications like the Bitcoin, new traders are investing in Bitcoin and other altcoins very easily.

Simplify digital marketing through the use of blockchain technology

Data is susceptible to a number of inconveniences in management. These problems might stem from distributional errors where the data does not reach the targeted audience. This will substantially hamper the effectiveness of a digital ad.

Some of the roadblocks of digital marketing are:

Buyer’s problem

  • Creates trust issues
  • Potential risks of negatively affecting customer expectations
  • Inaccurate analytics
  • Bad return on marketing investment

Publisher’s problem

  • The unavailability of an accurate system of metrics
  • Low affectivity
  • Loss of credibility
  • The process becomes time-consuming and expensive
  • Difficulty to improve customer experience

Consumer’s problem

  • Irrelevant ad due to inaccurate metrical system.
  • Lack of trust
  • Mismanagement of personal data

The blockchain can help solve a number of issues in the advertising sector. They can help the industry to build a transparent system that would deliver quality content securely. These are the ways in which blockchain can provide solutions to problems in the ad industry

1. There is a lot of fraudulent activity on the internet. Traffic through bots and clickbait applications makes it difficult to organize and manage customers’ data in order to deliver to them the right kind of content.

The blockchain technology can be a firewall to prevent boats from entering and disrupting the data stream.

2. The ghost sites on the Internet create major issues for advertisement. The primary problem is the publishing of the advertisement in incorrect spaces. This brings down the visibility of the ads.

Through the use of the blockchain technology, it will be possible to accurately track the placement of every ad on every website. This will guarantee more visibility and improve the effectiveness of the advertisements.

3. If there is a lot of trust issues regarding the management of data, the sharing of more data becomes difficult since more limitations are implemented on the sharing of necessary data that is required to formulate the right business choices.

Through the blockchain, data can be shared without the risk of being unethically tampered with. Through Blockchain and decentralized applications, it is possible to securely share and store data.

Conclusion: digital advertisement requires a safe ecosystem where the data that is collected can be stored and exercised in a secure manner to provide the best user experience. Through the use of the blockchain technology, it will be possible to share and store data that can be used to design the right kind of digital content. through the blockchain, it will also be possible to ensure that the content reaches a targeted audience.

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