Why Extracurricular Activities Are Important for High School Students

Having good grades is no longer the only crucial thing you need to get into your dream school. You also need unique extracurricular activities that demonstrate to the admission board that you have devoted ample time to areas you’re passionate about. Since extracurricular activities can be a deal-breaker in college admission, you must go for the right ones before becoming a high school senior.

Type of Extracurricular Activities You Can Take

What counts as extracurricular activities? Summer activities that look good on a college application can help students stand out from the competition. Part-time jobs, internships, volunteering, participating in sports or academic clubs are some examples of good extracurricular activities.

While you can pursue anything based on your interest, instead of trying to pack too many extracurricular activities, focus on quality. The ones most likely to impress college admission officers are divided into three categories:

Academic Activities

Debate club, study abroad programs, and pre-college programs demonstrate an interest in furthering your education and a strong commitment to learning beyond the classroom. These types of activities deepen your understanding of a certain subject and improve skills applicable in your future career.

Creative Pursuits

These pursuits include any activity most relevant to your personality. They show you are a well-rounded individual dedicated to taking the necessary steps needed to nurture your talent and skills. Overall, creative pursuits are a way to prove to an admission board that you are open to trying new experiences unrelated to your area of academic interest.

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Community-Related Activities

Volunteering with a local organization shows you will make time to contribute to the campus community. So take on community activities to give your college application a higher chance of winning over the reader.

Here are the benefits you stand to gain by taking extracurricular activities in high school.

Gain Leadership Experience

Extracurricular activities show leadership outside the classroom. You don’t need to be in charge of a group of people to showcase your leadership skills. Taking ownership of a project from start to finish is a great way to gain leadership experience.

So don’t hesitate to take an active role in a club or volunteer in a community. Take full advantage of opportunities available in school or outside that environment as they help you become an effective leader.

Improve Academic Performance

Research shows that students who participate in quality extracurricular activities have better examination results, including higher standardized scores. It further shows that when there are fun activities in school, students are less likely to miss class and have fewer behavioral problems.

By participating in the non-academic activities, students learn problem-solving skills, teamwork, and how to achieve school-life balance. When learning is balanced with extracurricular activities, students have better self-esteem, develop school spirit and connect better with the community, which helps to make the individual well-rounded.

However, it is best not to take on too many activities because you become mentally and physically exhausted when you are too busy. This will negatively impact your academic performance.

Promote Social Development

Participating in extracurricular activities allows you to interact with like-minded peers. This helps develop social skills and provides students with a healthy support system. Good social skills make it easier to establish friendships, build trust, and connect with others. When you get along with people, you can quickly start a conversation anywhere, which improves the quality of your life. Additionally, positive social interactions increase understanding of other viewpoints and help you consider other people’s feelings. You should use activities outside school to develop social skills because it advances career prospects.

Enhance Organization

A student must have proper time management to balance school and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, to be effective in what you do and find time for all activities, a learner must be well-organized.

To develop your organization skills, you must make it a habit to control time spent on any activity you take on so that you don’t do too much of one thing and sacrifice another aspect of your life. Poor time management leads to unwanted stress, lack of focus, and poor work quality. Ultimately, when you engage in several extracurricular activities, you show that you can use your free time wisely and juggle different activities to create a balanced life.

The world of extracurricular activities is limitless. The key is to focus on quality and get started early.

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