Pompeo accuses China for ‘callous exploitation’ of George Floyd’s death

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has targeted China for the “disgusting exploits” of George Floyd’s death, saying “this laughable propaganda cannot fool anyone”.

“The Chinese Communist Party rekindled the audacious exploits of George Floyd’s tragic death to justify his authoritarian refutation of basic human dignity.”

Pompeo said in a statement, “With dictatorship throughout history, no lie is too vulgar, so long as it serves the party’s lust for power.

He also said that there is a contradiction between the US and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as to how there can be no wires.

“In China, when a church burns, the attack was almost certainly directed by the CCP. In America, arsonists are punished by the government when a church burns, and it is the government that fires. The truck brings water, aid, and more. ” Rest for the faithful, ”Pompeo said.

In recent times, the US and China are being beheaded against each other on a range of issues, including the Hong Kong and Coronavirus epidemics.

The US Secretary of State said: “In China, peaceful protesters from Hong Kong to Tianmen Square are assigned to speak only by armed militiamen. Those writing these outrages are sentenced to longer terms in prison. In the United States Law enforcement – both state and federal – brings rogue officials to justice, welcomes peaceful protest by forcefully ceasing looting and violence, and follows the power of the Constitution to protect property and liberty for all . Our independent press covers events from the wall to all the world. Seeing. ”

“In China, when doctors and journalists warn about the dangers of a new disease, the CCP falls silent and makes them disappear, and lies about the sum of the deaths and the extent of the outbreak. United States In the US, we build life and value transparent systems for treatment. Healing, curing, and underwritten – more than any other country – epidemic solutions to the world, “he said.

Pompeo also claimed that Beijing has shown “its continued contempt for truth and disdain for the law” in recent times.

“CCP’s propaganda efforts – trying to confuse the actions of the United States in the wake of George Floyd’s death with CCP’s continuing basic human rights and liberties – must be seen to be fraudulent during the best of times. , The PRC ruthlessly imposes communism. Amidst the toughest challenges, the United States achieves independence, “said the US Secretary of State.

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