US facing health, economic crisis due to poor policies of Trump administration: Kamala Harris

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Updated: October 17, 2020 3:07:32 pm

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris slammed the administration’s dealing with of COVID-19 and referred to as it the peak of incompetence. (The New York Times)

The US is facing main crises on a number of fronts, together with public well being, economic system, and starvation as well as to local weather change, and a counting on racial justice, all due to the failed policies of Trump administration, Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has mentioned.

Speaking throughout a digital fund raiser for the battle floor State of Wisconsin on Friday, Harris additionally mentioned that President Donald Trump knew in regards to the seriousness of the coronavirus a lot earlier than it hit the US nonetheless didn’t do a lot about it.

“The thing that just gets my blood boiling is that Donald Trump knew about this back on January 28. He knew this virus was deadly, five times more deadly than the flu. He knew that it was airborne and that it could hurt children, and he and the vice president sat on that information and didn’t tell people,” she mentioned.

Harris, 55, slammed the administration’s dealing with of COVID-19 and referred to as it the peak of incompetence.

“It’s a failure of leadership also in recognising the dignity with which one should hold that office that has been entrusted to that individual by the people of our country. We continue to see a lowering of standards. And the contrast between the current occupant of the White House and Joe Biden could not be more stark,” she mentioned.

Harris praised the expertise and observe file of former vice chairman Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate.

He “is someone who lives with integrity”.

“We just gotta get this done mainly because Republicans are trying to take away health care and the country’s standing internationally,” she mentioned.

“Wisconsin, you are such an important part of this. As Tammy said, I’ve spent time there. When I was a child, I lived in Wisconsin for a very brief time, but I feel a personal sense of connection to the state. And the issues that impact the people of Wisconsin and the state of Wisconsin are really a measure of how the country is doing,” she mentioned.

Responding to a query on what it was like to be within the Amy Coney Barrett hearings this week, Harris mentioned she has an unimaginable colleagues within the Senate who all banded collectively.

“I happen to like the Marvel movies, I confess, and our caucus we have a bunch of superheroes who each have their own talents, and it was very much on display in terms of their skills, and their fortitude and their experience during the judiciary hearings,” she mentioned.

Praising late Supreme Court choose Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Senator Harris mentioned the seat she stuffed was with “incredibly force, dignity and strength”.

“The point that we have been making and Joe has been making since the beginning, since we all learned on that Friday evening of her passing, is hey, we’re not just in an election year. We’re not just in an election cycle. We’re actually in an election. Remember, the hearings are still going on today. 15 million people have voted. We are 19 days away from the end of the election because of early voting,” she mentioned.

“So the point that we have been making is while the American people are making a decision about who will be their next president, who will fill this seat in the White House, we should wait so that person can fill that lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. So that’s why we say this process is bankrupt and flawed, deeply flawed, because the American people are voting and they who decide who should fill that seat,” she mentioned.

Harris alleged the affirmation hearings had been half of an agenda that began 10 years in the past to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

“I’ve said this publicly that there’s this weird obsession that they’ve had – heightened by Donald Trump – to get rid of whatever Barack Obama and Biden created. It’s just the weirdest thing. And so they’ve been obsessed about getting rid of the Affordable Care Act,” she alleged.

“And let’s remember they kept trying and they kept trying to do this in Congress. Remember they kept saying ‘repeal and replace, repeal and replace,’ and we’d say ‘what replacement? Show us.’ And nothing was offered,” she added.

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